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Agree with you, but like casinos or bookies the house always wins. They are a necessary evil unless we go back to the bartering system. I use the credit union, not beyond blame either, but at least I’m not lining corporate pockets as much.

Banks most definitely added fuel to the fire but it was the individual going on three holidays, having to change the car every year while investing in property in Bulgaria that struck the match.

I personally think the ssia’s with mccreevey was the start of it. Dickheads like eddy Hobbs telling people to restructure the house mortgage to release the equity so the could get a new kitchen and go on holiday with there ssia. Some people lost control of themselves and I find they are the first to have a grievance with banks… . . Whatnot


I was at course organised by ISME a good few years ago for award winning companies. One of the main contributors was Quinn’s former head of finance. He claimed that Quinn was massively driven and that his sole focus was on owning a bank. He took on the insurance company as a move towards getting the bank. When he was in Cork he took a walk along the Lee and checked the insurance discs on the cars and only found one with Quinn Insurance. He got a survey to find out why they had no penetration in the Insurance market in Cork. The results showed that he had no presence in Cork so he routes Quinn cement trucks from Waterford through Cork and took over the Health Insurance company in Cork. The next time he checked the insurance discs 1 in 3 were Quinn. He then thought he was in the perfect position to move on a bank and Anglo was chosen as easiest to get control of. Driven greedy and a gambler is the key traits here, the finance man told us that at each of these take overs he was ready to blow it all and came close very often. He got away with it so grew confident until finally it all went tits up with the bank.


Poor aul John Gilligan…I suppose that 20k was saved from his dole? What a waste of air he is.


At 25, a year into my first “proper job” with next to no savings , my self and the misses who was training to be a nurse were given a 92% mortgage on a house with a value of 325k. When we finally bought a house for 296k they still loaned us 92% of 325k, so in essence a 99% mortgage.

Now while we never missed a payment , it was a reckless lending like that.


There is no doubt that some people lost the run of themselves during the ‘Tiger’ years, ably assisted by dickheads like Hobbs encouraging ordinary working people to build up their portfolios, but a lot of others didn’t, yet they ended up paying the same price as everyone else through pay cuts, USC, pension levy and various other hits to their pay packet to bail out the banks. Now they see the banks back in profit and in some cases exempt from tax for up to 20 years, while they battle to recover from mortgage struggles or poor credit ratings, so it’s only natural that there will be a resentment of the banks and the finger will be pointed at them by a lot of us.


Where the f@ck is Eddie Hobbs these days, anyway?


A state-owned bank, run by someone headhunted from the private sector and properly compensated, is the way to go.


Not to mention thoes in the private sector that lost their jobs, far worse then any pension levy.


No. Private banks would be unnecessary if there was a state bank.


Yeah if properly run, it’s not the case the state has a good record of running much.

The closest thing to a state bank is the credit union which is run for the benefit of the members. The central bank is trying their best to regulate the credit unions so they can’t compete with banks.


100% and the credit unions have kept many families alive over the years.


And I’m the one they call a communist :joy:

We have had 3 state banks recently and I’ll it did was screw people over and create a cartel.

I have no objection to a micro finance bank owned by the state but not a state owned system.


They were not state banks- as well you know!! The right wing do not want state interference in the market. Alan Dukes as our eyes and ears?? Gas🤣 I don’t mean a state owned system but a single state bank. Why not?


Hilarioius the thing i get called on here, pity people can’t but as much thought in to their arguments.

Maybe read back what I said, I have no issue with the state entering a market for specific purpose and do some good for the normal citizen. The reason we don’t have a state owned bank is due to competition, regulatory rules and non retail activity banks are involved in that the state has no business being in.

Also I know for a fact PTSB and AIB were 100% owned by the state as was a controlling interest in BOI. This is what I know and I also have no reason to believe the continuous ownership of any of these would have leed them to behave differently. Yesterday you supported corruption in politics, with the individual irish people elect as TD I could only image the scams that would be run through a state bank.



Shock horror.

Apparently deleted her FB page which allegedly showed her out and about boozing in the weeks before she was turfed out.


It’s interesting alright. I have the WhatsApp. Total fraudsters. The bleeding heart crowd lapped her story up though.


The saddest thing about it is that there are, no doubt, families genuinely in such situations and will be subject to sceptical views if their situations are publicised.


State owned in the common sense of run by the state for the people of the state, not what we had which was clearly understood to be a stop gap before they were returned to the private sector. Hence them let run riot again. (Plus Irish people - politicians especially - seem incapable of standing up to Business and will accept any old shite as the cost of Doing Business.)

Corruption (and cronyism and waste) would be something to watch out for, but looking at how private banks are run I don’t think this is something confined to the public sector. Ideally you headhunt a top person and pay them market rate plus performance-related bonus - paid after the fact.

Ya commie prick.


Never long before those kinds of stories come out.