Get It Off Your Chest


All politics is local at the end of the day. I’ve in-laws up in Cavan/Monaghan and they won’t hear a bad word about the man. With them, it’s all about what he did for the local area. You may as well be talking to a brick wall, as get them to look at the bigger picture of what he did & what it cost the country as a whole.


Jaysus, lads… I never said forgive him. I was just pointing out that he did give a lot of employment to people and that I don’t think he was as bad as FitzDrumm.
I do agree, @Vin, that he should have been far more compliant with subsequent court dealings.


Ha… did I really say that? He obviously took note, given his 2009 performances.


Quinn should have stuck to what he was good at and knew…the construction industry.

I know builders who got into other areas including one lad who bought a hotel which is now derelict. People got big notions during the boom that they could anything


The Celtic boom and their property portfolios. The ruination of this country. But Banks. Banks are the biggest fucking evil in this country since the foundation of the state.


Self responsibility goes a long way too…I got a call at 19 during the boom from my bank offering me a 10,000 loan…I rejected their offer.


Around that same time, there was a guy on here selling Liverpool match tickets… he’d have relieved you of that 10k in no time.


Wow, haven’t heard that name in a long time! Can’t remember what it actually stood for, but the unofficial version that I remember was the ‘Professional Mickey Pullers Association’ :sunglasses:


Private Motorists Protection Association as far as I remember


It’s gas looking at footage of old games and looking at all the old ad hoardings in Croker for Carrolls Broadleaf fags, PMPA, the Irish Press and Wavin Pipes and whatnot ( :wink: )

Are Wavin still around? Good luck to them if they are.


Remember when Wavin used to make the plastic hurleys? You’d certainly feel a belt on the leg from one of those yokes!


Had an office on the corner of Mary St and what’s now Wolfe Tone Square.


Sure are. A good Balbriggan strong hold.


Wavin have been in Balbriggan since the 70s’ at least.
Remember being there with the Da.


You’d feel it in your hands even hitting a ball cleanly.
There was a company in Newry (I think they were called Nurí) who also had a go at making plastic hurls. They weren’t too bad. A bit more natural in shape and weight.


I’m fairly sure there is still a Wavin sign up in Croker. Maybe a corporate box?


The motor insurance part of the business was sold off to Axa, there office is on that street now


I remember being in the old PMPA office, waiting.

And AXA own that whole block too.


Not sure i can agree on this one, see people giving out that the banks ruined them by giving them too much cheap credit and then they came looking for the money back. Now dont get me wrong all financial institutions are greedy but blaming them solely for financial rule is not the whole story.

As Mayoman says personal responsibility whatnot, Most of us were happy to get a credit union load to get what we needed and pay it off over time. But financial whizz kids came up with releasing equity, rolling over debt and property speculation. Everyone in the Celtic Tiger years was greedy some more than others got their arses kicked harder whatnot !


Maybe not the whole story but they certainly where one of the chief players to fuel the ruination. I lay a lot of blame at their door. Amazing how quickly they recovered. Isn it?