Get It Off Your Chest


This will bite them in the ass big time. Customer information and mortgage details have been shared with VF without knowledge of mortgage holders. Classic case for GDPR breaches…


I’m in a dispute with a bank over the tracker scandal and the ■■■■■ just wear you down. I hope to God there us major breaches on data and they get the bollox sued out of them


But aren’t there rules/laws on indecent exposure, surely it’s covered there (no pun intended). After our game v rossies, there was 1 scummer taking a pi$$ into the bush at the shop on Clonliffe road, Full view of the everyone going in and out of the shop women and kids present, Guards not too far away either…


Good enough for the bitch


Garda checkpoints everywhere this week. Is it just security for the pope s visit or criminal related matters? 3 times I was at a checkpoint yesterday. Also every Tuesday night recently they have a checkpoint on the Ballymun rd close to santry lane junction.


Bit of both I’d imagine


It could be argued that as the pope and his entourage are in town this weekend that’s an influx of criminals?!

Your best bet is to just do a U-turn when you see one next, they don’t mind that at all :wink:


You got to love the US prison sentences. The length of our prison terms here for serious crimes are a joke


Damm straight. And that’s presuming criminals even get a prison sentence, instead of yet another slap on the wrist, or a suspended sentence thanks to some bull$hit character reference.



the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.

He / she / they had a hard life. He / she / they have turned their life around. He / she / they have show genuine remorse. Meanwhile the victim will always be the victim. No rehabilitation for He / she / them. No support for He / she / them. Miitigation should be banned from courts when judging serious crime.


Yet if me or you are caught doing something minor like no road tax for example or tv license they will come down on you heavy.

It’s like if you owe the bank 100,000 god help you…if you owe them 10 million…ah sure your grand how can we get you back on your feet mr developer?


Yeah thats the way it seems.


Would you ever fùck off Sean and stop trying to play the victim


Waiting for Mickey Harte & Colm O Rourke to jump in and tell us all what a great fella Sean Quinn was again.

Quinn is a greedy bastid who got caught out


At the risk of being controversial, I would have some amount of sympathy for Quinn. He did give a lot of decent employment to people on both sides of the border. He got greedier on the back of connecting with people like Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm.
I am not trying to absolve him of anything but I don’t think he set out to become a very greedy and deceitful businessman. Drumm and Fitzpatrick, however, were bankers.


He tried to use complex financial instruments to buy Anglo Irish Bank. He wanted to turn it into Quinn Bank and expand his empire. Pure hubris.

When his house of cards collapsed he wanted the taxpayer to take the hit, but leave him with the empire he built up. He refused to play ball with the state after he bet the farm and lost and was sentenced to jail for asset stripping the business AFTER he was declared bankrupt. His family hid from the Irish courts north of the border and refused to cooperate with the bankruptcy.

Sorry Beeko but Sean Quinn used up any personal capital or sympathy that he had built up in his efforts to ensure that the Irish taxpayer was left footing the bill for his failed businesses.


Don’t forget the 2% insurance levy that we all have largely as a result of the collapse of Quinn Insurance. Will we all get that back?


You forgot to mention the bully boy tactics he used to build his empire…

Trying to absolve him of his crimes on the basis of what he did for the people of the area is like saying that unemployment rates were very low in Nazi Germany, in all fairness to Hitler.


Yeah after getting over PMPA. Thanks Mr. Quinn. You greedy prick.


Jaysus Beeks I didn’t think you’d ever beat your most controversial post of ‘O’Driscoll is finished’ around 2008ish but you have :clap::clap::clap: