Get It Off Your Chest


Rarely see guards on the street, usually in cars going somewhere.


And crime won’t crack itself …


North inner city has been left to police itself.

Policing on the country apart from being corrupt is also totally dysfunctional


Dunno how you live here mate. You seem to hate everything about the place.


I’ve read some hyperbole on here before, but that’s up with the best of it!




Presume your talking To me, sorry if let things like reality nd facts destrot my perception.

And here is me bitting my lip not pulling this chap up on his nonsense you posted the last few days.:roll_eyes:


Agreed, not wiping your arse after a Barry is scandalous.


Was at the bar in Piper’s Corner when we seen it.
Nearly put me off my pint. Nearly.


Good boozer that!


And that’s supposed to be our national street…it’s a scandal. Zero tolerance policing needs to be brought in. If yor not a criminal you should have nothing to fear.

First up Dublin needs a directly elected Mayor to run the city and who is accountable. Do away with the jewel wearing Lord Mayor bullshite.


The street is just mental at times. Have to say that lad that got that beaten I don’t know how the ■■■■ he got up and walked. Scary shit.


It has dozens of Gardai constantly walking the beat. There may be only 2x2 sets of uniformed Gardai on the street at any time, but trust me, there’s a lot more there than that. Plus it’s monitored by CCTV at every level. It’s still a part of the cess pool of inner city Dublin, but it’s far from the worst.


I’ve blocked her number at this stage, the whole family have blocked her.


I remember a drunk lad telling a story in the bar where I was working years ago that it is not actually illegal to take a dump in public. His point was that although it is illegal to take a piss in public, when it’s nearly impossible to take a shit without taking a piss. This story just reminded me of that. Carry on




That’s were I enjoy my prematch tipple, looking out the window is better then any tv show.


I’ll tell you this history will judged this fine gael government harshly. This selling of distressed mortgages to vulture funds is going to have far reaching effects. To let a 75% owned bank to sell that many mortgages is fucking treason. ■■■■■. Varadker a ■■■■.


FG Kickstarter the housing market. However they did it by letting in the speculators and allowing vulture funds in from abroad. These lads pay minimal tax on rental income where as your private investor pays it on the highest rate of tax.

It’s screwed over the working man.


Neoliberalism at it’s finest. Sell it to someone else… I am in shock that banks in this country have behaved like fucking economic terrorists and are still allowed to do what they want when they want and on their terms. 75% owned by the state. Simply couldn’t make this shit up.