Get It Off Your Chest


:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil: how embarrassing for you. Most of the lads here know what i do for a living quite the oposit of communism.

But typical trump esq type reply in making ridiculous statements so not to support your views.


Again argue what I say not what you would like to argue. I have 3 tribunal reports on my shelf I am more then willing to send them to you, if you are genuinely interested. You can get the intetium disclosures tribunal report online.


I addressed the points you made. I’m not in the habit of answering points not made.

Large left vote? Define large. Did you look at the recent poll figures I posted? I’m 48 and I don’t ever expect to see a left led government in this country because people won’t cite for them in sufficient numbers.

Social issues are fine. They don’t cost people anything. In terms of social issues it has been what some people suggest is our most right wing government ever that has introduced referenda to advance the most important ones. And I would argue that they did that as a reaction to the way the wind was blowing. Which is what politicians do.

There is no real appetite in this country for a left wing government. They have very bad press in their countries. And the only way they can survive is higher taxation. And no one is buying that one.


So you agree that the press is biases that’s good. The left get about 35% of vote by irish standards that’s a massive shift.

2 things to point out, we already have high personal taxes yet we give away tax breaks to all sorts vested interests and hive away state resources.

Social and socity issues also flow in to how you view state services. I dont believe the majority want a dysfunctional health system, homelessness crises, higher cost of living and terrible transport system. Polls continue to show fixing these issues are more of a priority to voters then taxes. But I agree a proportion of the electorate either don’t understand the policies of who they vote for or are blinded by party and family loyalty.


Yeah I’m mortified. Christ. I was referring to your comment about the ideals of our forefathers not you. What you do is none of my business and has no relevance.


Who commissions these Tribunals? I have read them all thanks.


So anyone opinion that disagrees with the status quo is communist. Are you a time traveller from 1950 America by any chance.


The founders of the state had communist leanings. I am pointing out that communism does not seem to have served the world well.


Irrelevant question as they are ultimily a reaction to a scandal, more relevant is who fails to implement their findings.


How would you fix them then? I’m curious.


Unlike fascisum or imperialism, or even radical conservatism.


You were longing for that - the others aren’t in the equation.


Look we’re polls apart (see what I did there?) and likely always will be.

I’ll meet you for a pint some time and we can slug it out so to speak. You’re buying … as communists do … :wink:


As opposed to neoliberalism!




Christ Almighty.


Absolutely horrific footage taken by a helicopter


The ‘coincidences’ are just that I’m sure…


Walking down O’Connell Street. A young lad in his twenties sitting on the ground. Pretty sure he is an addict. But he just got an unmerciful battering. His face doesn’t even look human. I actually felt sick looking at him. A couple of people around him asking him is ok. This street is a fuckign shit hole.


In Marlborough Street last Saturday, girl/woman just stopped on pavement, dropped jeans, squatted & had a dump.
Stood up, pulled up jeans & walked off.
Couldn’t believe it.