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Really, you may not have noticed the change over the last 25 years but your FF and FG have gone from 80% of the vote to under 50%. That’s despite a media monopoly that and state broadcaster that backs these parties and huge money pumped into them.

Ireland is moving forwards socially slowly, but the middle class/ farmer dominance and lazy electorate who whinge but vote for the same 2 parties are in decline.

The next 2 elections will show more change and with dynamic leader coming out of the none traditional parties your lot could be in trouble sooner.


You could raise it by 20% and it still wouldn’t make a difference. Ideology has to change first.


My FF/FG? My lot?

Sorry pal, you’ve got the wrong guy. I’ve got to the point where there’s no one left to vote for as far as I am concerned. I’ve given them all a go at one time or another over 30 years and they’ve all let me down. Haven’t voted FF for twenty years. Never voted FG bar once. Went Independent a couple of elections back but now they’re selling out as well.

As for change?

I doubt it. At the end of the day irish people will vote with their wallets. Which does not bode well for those who would increase taxes.


Very good @alanoc … very good


That’s just pure crap.


Independent yes some vote for change, why am I not surprised. Unfortunately greed and local bull shit has dominated politics. This state was founded on the back of radical ideas, while it was hijacked by conservatives for 80 years due to cival war politics things are clearley changing


Good contribution, clown


It wasn’t hijacked by anyone. The people voted in the government. They are the ones to blame. Are you seriously suggesting that the people continued to vote for politicians that they didn’t like or that they didn’t feel were representative of them? The governments were conservative because Irish people were. Don’t forget they only reason they came around to appreciate the leaders in 1916 is because they were executed. Most people were totally against what they had done before they were killed. And very few of them supported their motives beyond a united Ireland after they died

And there’s no real evidence that things are changing that much. I suspect the next government will be the same as this one. Some interesting figures in this poll. Nothing to suggest that there’s much about to change.


Calling me a clown after what I pulled you up on?!! Good man. You throw out a trite bullshit comment and leave it there. Back it up. Do you even listen to RTE? Because if you do you will regularly see and hear Ministers gettting savaged - often by two or three opposition people. And as we have seen in referendums when the opposition throw out banal crap - like you just did - it’s allowed go unchecked. Debate if you like pal and if you’re able without glib nonsense - and don’t call me a clown.


What are you even talking about - seriously???


‘I thought it was absolutely pathetic during the water charges debacle listening to people claim that they already pay for water when the country was borrowing €5-6 billion a year just to stay afloat’.

How do you think this makes any sense Alan? No link between both parts of that sentence. None.


President stays in Presidential suite :joy:


Yes there is. And no, I’m not explaining it.


People have been paying for their water at all times, through general taxation. At no stage has water been free. The fact that our national outgoings were surpassing our tax take during the economic downturn, in no way decries those facts. Explain your way around that- if you disagree.


You pulled me up on nothing you made a stupid statement to try insult and you got a response worthy of that.

Yes I listen to RTE, it is totally bias in what it covers. Not to mention people like Sean O’Rourke, Marian Finucane, Miriam O’Callaghan with links to political parties and clearly feel obliged to protect them. Morning ireland gives Martin an open platform and never asked him a question. The 2nd part of my point regarding independent news and media you just need to look at the tribunals and see what happens to people that speak out like Gemma O’Doherty to see the shocking state of affairs.

In our small country the incestuous relationship between media, polititions and business is primarily what prevents change and surpasses alternative views.


I never said any of thoes things so your arguing with no one.
things are changing on social policies, when ordinary people get engaged despite the view of polititions we seen progress on women rights and LGBT issues.

As someone who believes in a progressive society I see the positives in the large left vote, the next election may bring a formal FF FG coalition on the right, meaning a strong left givibg us a normal functioning democracy with a real choice. Rather than the 80 years of voting for family tradition and local interests.


Another magnificent contribution


Yes the communist ideals are still alive and well and serving the world.


Despite the views? More nonsense.


Martin is not in Government.

What happens to them? What have tribunals found? INM are a private company. People in all walks of employment getting badly treated every day. It is not down to the Govt.