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Don’t agree with that - problem with the water charges was that everyone was going to be paying it - so straight away you have a group who pay for nothing not wanting start paying for something.

on top of that you had the squeezed middle - who tend to pay for everything - after observing how the local property tax was wisely spent - on top of USC and paying motor tax which had traditionally funded the water services via the Dept of environment - you had an element of ■■■■ this we’ve had enough.

Getting back to politicans - its not gonna change , it doesnt matter who you vote for , they all tow the party line.


Is it Germany or Holland that has a system where half the politicians are represented on a national level or something similar to reduce the stroke politics that blights Ireland


The homeless and housing problems may never be fully resolved but could absolutely be improved a great deal if the political will was there. Unfortunately it’s not…there’s no votes in it for the main parties.


Not about votes. FG are neoliberal to the core. They do not intend to upset the vulture funds. In essence, they do not agree with state intervention.


Yeah I agree. Their unwillingness to introduce rent caps to stop evictions from private rentals kinda shows that.

I just never underestimate Irish Politicians ability to champion issues they know will get them votes and ignore others


I disagree, there are votes in it. Any party that campaigns on a sustainable policy that deals with the housing issue in total, ie affordable housing (a return to 2.5 X annual gross salary as guide)/ social housing (graduated rents based on salary)/ security of tenure and rent caps (where people are not spending up to 60-70% of salary on rent)/ control on cost of land (introduce the Kenny Report)/ vacant site levy etc would win a landslide.

Housing has become such a millstone on society.


Agree with you with regards the squeezed middles attitude to water charges. Another major problem in my eyes, as a very squeezed middleodian, was that from the outset Irish Water was being set up in such a way that the obvious end game was that Irish people were going to end up paying a tax (water rates) to a private company (IW), and that company would have been given total control of the utility by FG with no alternative possible supplier available, and despite some loosely phrased commitments, with no real control over how it would be priced in the future.


Plus the fact that the biggest bollox in fine gael hogan tried to ram it through the dail and down people’s throats and threatening all kinds of punishment s if one didn’t pay their bill etc. Diaster from the start.


There’s no votes in it for FG and they’re governing party…their electoral base isn’t overly concerned about homelessness

Unfortunately FF and FG (who lets face it, either or both will be in Govt) don’t have the political will, or political philosophy, to make those changes and prefer to keep the status quo. That status quo has kept them both in Government for the last 80 years

We still vote for parties in this country and not policies.


That’s it but it is slowly changing. If you look at the demographics and age groupings of in depth polls.

Lots of young would vote SF, old and from the country for FF.

Supporters of Silver Spooned Narcissist Financial terrorists Fine Gael

Etc etc


Thats some fookin chip you got there oldschool!


Its getting worse as I get older.

I am not left or right, probably more centre than anything, but I believe it doing right for people especially when the economy is doing well we should not neglect social issues.

Look at the background upbringings of the main heads in Fine Gael and come back to me, its hard for them to understand major issues when you never had to go through them yourself, especially Murphy, Varadkar, Coveney etc.

Also look at how wealthy some of the TDs are and also look at how many have rental properties, I think Kate O Connell has 5 for example.

If your happy in current state and for the future of your children so be it but worry where the country will be in 5 or 10 or 20 years if we carry on with current policies.


My thoughts exactly.


Paul Murphy knows nothing about such things either? Richard Boyd Barrett? Wallace?


Funny as it may seem, the only ones who you definitely know where they stand and what their agenda is are the Healy-Raes.


That’s all fine but it’s hard to take Murphy and varadker preaching from the pulpit. I’ve no time for posh boy socialist Murphy and certainly none for Wallace. But when you have a 75% state owned bank selling distressed mortgages to a vulture fund you have to ask yourself what the hell are we doing that for when we have a supply and demand crusis going? Why not state buy them?


Probably not allowed under troika conditions. Would be state aid etc. or some such bollox.

If the protections for mortgage payers/home owners were sufficient then it wouldn’t matter who owned the debt, you would be ok so long as you stayed within the distressed mortgage procedures, however that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I can never understand why people who couldn’t pay the big celtic monkey mansion mortgages weren’t given the option to trade down to something more affordable with a write off of some on the accrued interest and a chance to press the reset button by the banks (everyone takes some of the pain of the distressed mortgage), that could have sorted both parties out and kept the people with a roof over their heads and no need for distressed mortgage sales to the vulture funds


You could insert this for almost every country in Europe.


That’s the reason this country will never change, we vote the same 2 parties with the exact same policies into government for 90 years and then say that nothing can change. There are many different socially progessive economic models in northern and central europe we can replicate here if the political will was there but guess what FF and FG have too many vested interest in keeping the status quo


Who elects FF and FG?

This idea that they are to blame because they get elected is nonsense. Irish people would vote out of existence any party that tried to introduce the marginal tax rates they have in Sweden and Denmark. They fail completely to understand that that is what it takes. If you want world class services you have to pay for them.

I thought it was absolutely pathetic during the water charges debacle listening to people claim that they already pay for water when the country was borrowing €5-6 billion a year just to stay afloat.

It’s the same as all those saying how appalled they are that families are sleeping in Garda stations. Tell them a 1-2% rise in income tax would go a long way to solving some of the social problems we have in this country and see where you get.

And that’s before you get to the alphabet soup, who think Apple should pay for it all.

The people of Ireland elect the politicians that govern Ireland. Expecting those politicians to do things that will guarantee their unelection is ridiculous.