Get It Off Your Chest


Like the time my buddy was over with me for a family wedding in Philadelphia, and after we left the pub one evening, we walked down to 7-Eleven to ask for a “paggage of crips”

The looks we got!


It was probably the sunburnt heads on yiz stumbling through the door that threw them off and not the gang reference :grin:


It really was class. It went from “Crips sir?” to “Yeah, bleedin crips. Ya know, like Tayto or King”

Needless to say, we left with nothing but tears of laughter in our eyes.


Tear gas can have that effect.

Ballymun rowdies on tour :grin:


The cops did show up later, we could see them from the gaf… I’d say we were the reason they were called. They had f*** all to do in that neighbourhood!


Wan*ers using the word ‘robust’ is a pet hate these days. And when I hear ‘We have a job of work to do’ I reach for the AK. I believe Inda Kinni started that.


First time I was asked ‘Paper or Plastic’ my response was ‘Eh, cash?’ :worried:


‘going forward’… Draws a deep breath and hisses not on my fucking watch chief… Find an an alternative buzzword quickly… And don’t say lean either… Just don’t.


This thing with the ‘pundits’ and their inability to call the players by their name. TOSe is the prime culprit.

“You have the likes of your Brian Fentons and your Micheal Dara Macauleys and your Paul Geaneys”. No. Theres one Brian Fenton and one MDMA. No need for either the likes of or to pluralize their names.

Happens far too much by the likes of your Dessie Dolans and your Tomas O’Se’s


I brought me 8 year old to it, got tickets last minute. Have to be honest, didn’t see any messing before or after the match. The atmosphere was brilliant, I think the 5 goals helped though. He was nearly tearing up during you’ll never walk alone


Likewise, I brought my Da, I didn’t see any messing before, during or after the game.


Different atmosphere than outside croker too for the sellers. Lads whispering asking for tickets for sale. The hats a scarfs were real low key, nit the usual bellowing you here on Ballybough Rd. No haggling with them either. 10er for a scarf, I said to your man sure the match is over, are you not happy to be getting something, not a chance he says.


Pubs that fly various flags to generate business, they’d fly the Confederate flag or the Jolly Roger if they thought it would sell pints. Shameless whores.


Am genuinely glad you had such a good time. I’m going to go out on a limb here and presume your 8 year old, wasn’t one of the rowdy Bulmers swigging louts on the Dart? :wink:


Obvs. We did only get the Dort from Connolly to Landsdown, but as I said didn’t see anyone drinking or messing on it. I’d say most of the issues you are talking about were in the Raheny/Walkinstown areas…


We are better than this are we not?

Whatever about circumstances etc, no children should have to do this.

While we are at it?


Disgraceful, heartbreaking and infuriating on both articles. Why can we not fix this? On another note is all you get from a pig is a grunt? If this article is accurate I really hope this so called ‘socialist’ doesn’t get re elected.


If you don’t pay for the services you can’t expect the state to pay for them. Tax system needs to be completely overhauled. Some making hay while others pay through the nose.

You can’t blame the government for everything. And if you want to just remember who elects them.


So vote sinn fein is what your saying - no difference between FG & FF


Replace government with politicians. None of them will make any difference. You cannot run a country based on auction politics. And that’s all any of the parties have to offer us.

I do not believe that any of this will get any better. No matter who you put in charge. Self interest is strong in this country. Maybe a historical thing. I don’t know. But to be sure we don’t have the tax base to cover what we need to cover. But try telling the electorate that and see how far you get. The Water charges mess pretty much ensures that no party will suggest people pay for anything more than they’re paying for now. And that’s not enough.