Get It Off Your Chest


Never been to one.

& if they carry on like that I never will.

Can you imagine going into a bar & ordering a pint & they ask you your name?

I don’t bleedin think so.


… especially in Belfast?


Imagine being in the Rangers bar on the Shankill Road … “Pint please” “Certainly, what’s your name”? … “Padraig”…


Especially! :grin:


Stay away. You is missing nuttin’. See they have opened one in the Mater hospital about twenty feet from the diabetic clinic. Considering the levels of sugar and fat in their products this is bizarre. What next ? KFC, McD?


And get Galway have two fast-food sponsors on their jerseys.


Well, when there are 56 people in the line ahead of you and they have all ordered the same Venti, skinny, decaff, low fat, hazlenut, gluten free, organic, lactose free, nut free, free trade, egg white free, soy caramel latte…it helps to have your name written on the cup. Writing ‘Bitch on wheels’ is offensive to some, oddly enough. :thinking:


Jebus, if ordering a coffee now necessitates engaging in social intercourse I don’t think I’ll bother.


So this will pribsbky mean interviewing other RTE staff who have lived full lives.


Anyone else dislike being addressed as “Sir” by people who work in shops, cafe’s etc?

Wrecks my head.


The servants at home call me sir so I’m used to it.


Don’t ever go to the states then bud. Your head will explode!

My first name is an Irish one, and you should see what they write on the cups when I tell them. I gave up giving my real name now and just use Ben or Tony. Whatever comes to mind!


Marc O’Se once tweeted about going into a Starbucks & when asked for his name, he said Marc, with a ‘c’.

He posted a picture of his cup & his name was written ‘Cark’

Gotta say, I laughed…


What’s a “coffee shop”? Are there places that only sell, exclusively, coffee?


It’s the stock response to someone being rude, demanding, or insolent. Or some or all of those things. It really means, “lose the hahitude boy”.


I tried so hard for months to ask for white bread in beacon Hill in Boston… Wheat bread? No white… wheat? No white… No ■■■■ off. Brown bread please


It’s like a pub that has run out of gargle. With wimmin in it.


Olé! (au lait?) Probably bright, shiny, open-plan, ultra-clean, and attractively decorated too then? Should bring in a rule like the good old days in reverse, no lads allowed.


Did you try saying ‘batch’? She might’ve thumped you though…


He said Boston, not Belfast.