Get It Off Your Chest


Me neither. I m proudly ignorant of those programs. Wife has no interest either so no rows in our gaff.


Am an absolute hoor for the Kardashians (I mean, who isn’t? :blush: ) coz I love looking at the fab mega mansions of the super rich & famous like Kim K, @DUB09 , @Roch @Roman etc etc

But all these English gobshites no one has ever heard of…who gives a flying fcuk? :roll_eyes:




How big is your house Sugar Britches?


Bastards !

Here’s a tip lads. If you want to be respectful of a polar bears environment, don’t take tourists to bloody well visit it ! :rage:


My Dublin one or…?


No. The ramshackle shack in the arse end of Dingle doesn’t count.


“Im not sayin’ she a golddigger…”



I’ll say it for you.

(S’ok. Houses are my “thing” :blush: )


I’ve got a big thing

:joy: :disappointed:


Yes you do.

But then you wake up. :smiley:


Why are there ads on Res Dubs now?


What do you make of this new currency. the ‘euro’?


Tell him who shot JR, while you’re at it.


Albeit that you are both very funny guys!!- there are new ads on the top of every thread I open that hitherto were not there! (Someone shot JR???)


The Beatles split up too. They’re now Bea and Les.


They say the Pillar is gone from O’Connell St, must go into town and have a look.


It’s been replaced with the Giller


I was looking at it there this morning and it’s gone.


In other news, Hitler’s Nazi Germany have invaded Poland…