Get It Off Your Chest


For some reason I thought they made you provide a reason for stopping to discourage people from slamming on for no reason other than to make a claim. I must have been dreaming


they say one of the giant hare’s from the airport ran out…and how to you prove otherwise??
Track him down and ask him…:thinking:



Funny you should say that. We were coming back from hols a fortnight ago and I was driving up towards Terminal 2 to collect herself - she was getting the two heavy cases off the carousel. Equality is equality.

Anyway this hare ran in front of us a good bit ahead and I pointed it out to the young lad. But the hare brained animal keep running across. Next two lanes were ok. But the next and last two lanes - bang! Glancing blow to the side of his large ears. The young lad was gobsmacked and a bit upset. So I told him they were like the hares in the greyhound track - they were mechanical - to keep the seagulls and rats away.

He looked at me, tears welling up in his eyes, and said … ‘I’m not a gobshite Da.’


Doesn’t take after his old man then…


Harsh. True. But harsh.


You could have used hare restorer.


Sorry, was that you!!! Had to answer my phone, and no point in indicating as I wasn’t turning!!!
Yes, you would have been at fault!!


Correct username for such a rear-ending…


Na he wasn’t even on his phone, he was looking for he car rental returns I’d say


As in Ted. “My bad, I was sending a tweet”


Yes Leo. You should have been clearer. Bulshit artist.


Mediation means legal people don’t get on the gravy train …




Obviously when he said “would”, he meant “wouldn’t”. If it’s good enough for D Trump…


Sweet suffering Jesus


I have no idea what that is…but am fearful one of them will run for the presidency…


Have never seen a single episode of Love Island, Strictly or Celebrity Big Brother Losers Got Talent.

None of 'em. Not a one.

Am as rare as a Mayo footballer with a senior All Ireland medal at this stage. :roll_eyes:


No I haven’t seem any of that either, including the Mayo footballer with the senior AI medal.


I’d make a wisecrack about being a dying breed, but that might be considered in poor taste. :angel:


I have no idea about any of them either - watch absolutely none of that rubbish. Don’t even know what that new hurley thing that was on at the weekend was about. Seems to be the latest fad that everyone is raving about. The times we live in … :smirk: