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We had a review in 2013 just after we opened Windmill restaurant in Skerries in the Times. So in a fairly new opened steakhouse, she gave us a very good review, apart from the chicken nuggets her kids ordered! Really? It’s a steakhouse, why are your kids ordering fooking chicken nuggets anyway, and why are you letting them order them when there are other kids options on the menu, much healthier options.


The rock anthems would be your choice I’m guessing?




I’d say you had a few good nuggets too … despite what your one said …


To be fair, we changed our nuggets after it, but still, don’t come to a steakhouse and criticize the nuggets. Bleedin gee-bag


People like this should be prosecuted for attempted fraud


I won’t click on the article.
I’d be more inclined to prosecute the solicitors who engage, encourage and pursue such cases.


They never name the solicitors who take the case, only the ones defending it. Anyone know why?


Poor family God love them. Only got married last week and was on his honeymoon

Awful for Greece as a whole. Over 80 dead so far


Dunno Beeky, let me tell you a (short) bedtime storeeeee. I was working in the community mental health service in North City for many years. One Christmas Day during the snowiest winter a few years back we managed to get everyone who wanted a Chrimbo dinner in to the centre (Drumcondra/Fairview) Some of them from the darkest outreaches of Ballymun. I was designated driver and brought some of them home. Now read on…
Conditions were cat but roads had bee well gritted and there had been a thaw during the day. I was driving up the NCR towards that junction of the road that links Drumcondra Rd to Mountjoy Sqr. No chains (but I was wearing the PVC jocks) so was going slow, coming up to the lights which were red, one car stopped in front, I dropped into first gear so was down to maybe 5mph. Hit a patch of dark compacted snow/ice, car slid. Bumped into car in front. A jolt, nothing major at all. Everyone was grand. Barely a dint (from the numberplate screws) in yer man’s bumper. He had 3 people in his car, I asked were they OK, they all said grand. We all agreed to leave it at that. Christmas Day. Shit conditions, I was knackered and we all just wanted home. Now bear with me…
A few weeks later the service manager calls me into the bold room, sit ye down says he, and proceeds to tell me in the gravest tones that yer man in the car has taken them for 10,000 compo, whiplash, damage, shock, couldn’t open the boot blah blah the works. So would you say that people shouldn’t go after utter cnuts like that? I wanted to skin him alive with a f.uckin cheesgrater!!
Needless to say guess what he was? An unplated taxi driver. And sorry to tell some on here, he wasn’t an immigrant or even a nordy. Now what d’ye think o dat… Joe Brolly?


Are you sure he wasn’t Jewish though? Or from Cavan?


Defo a racialist, and from Cyaavan:


Al, I never said DON’T prosecute such people. But I imagine that 99.9% of those who do take such cases do so through solicitors who really should know better. Prosecute both the claimants and the solicitors, but go heavier on the solicitors.
Are such solicitors still operating on “no win, no fees” bases?


Beating around the bush?


This thread has been fairly well circumcised since my last insertion.


Hegemony rules …


Necks likes jockys bollixes…


Unbelievable, its about time these judges started throwing these cases out

I was driving home from Santry earlier today coming past the airport car parks on the right when approaching the traffic lights that were green, the car in front of me just stopped, no indicators no warning. Luckily I was able to go around him instead of smashing into the back of him, which would have been his fault for stopping like that, but would I have been at fault for rear ending him?


the judge ordered costs against them, I’m assuming that means covering the insurance company’s legal costs?

I think they have to provide a reason for stopping in that situation Harper, not sure how easy it is to prove that there was no reason for stopping though


Usually you get the blame for a rear ending because you are supposed to allow for such a thing to happen at any time