Get It Off Your Chest


Comment was , could do with more stripes…Worked in restaurant in town years ago, boss always got heads up when food critic was due in. Hated it, falling all over them with fear of a bad review.


Am gonna go in there this week, just to spite yer woman. They’ve invested a lot in the place & it deserves local support. If it merits constructive criticism, fair enough, not vindictive bitching.


Not like the Indo …


Far too many restaurant critics think they’re A.A bleedin’ Gill. There is an art to not making a review be all about them & she doesn’t have it.


90% of it had nothing to do with the food.


And the one thing she did like gets barely a mention. If she was any way good at her job, she would have said why it was good. And as for giving out about getting too much bacon…FFS ! When is too much pig ever a problem? :roll_eyes:


When you’re one of @Iomaint’s buddies … :wink:


Mazel tov mate !


I gotta feeling … oooh ooh


L’chaim !


Some puss on her. Place looks great, who’d a thunk.


Hopefully someone had a “little word in their ear”!!!


A GoFundMe account has been set up to buy poor Tony a Leap card!!


It does… Not familiar with the place but fir me it was the coddle on pizza that got me. I actually didn’t read the article. But sounds like yer wan is a weapon.


The whole lot of them are media hoors…


Ah, not all of them are. Paulo Tullio was a decent skin. Wrote excellent reviews. Not all of them favourably disposed towards the subject of the article, or their food. But you never got the sense he was putting the boot in, purely for the sake of it.


Paulo Tullio McGregor?


Tbh I agree with your wans article.

I’ve been twice now and don’t think I’d go back, food isn’t great and overpriced . The pizza the lads wolfed in Omagh was probably nicer :wink:


It was absolute quality pizza, what’s worse is some went on and scoffed even more pizza before we hit the road back home :wink:


Bleedin Lynch mob that place.

Some fecking Clontarfian Hispter bollox.