Get It Off Your Chest


Pure dirt bags…


Yep, the DeWalt saw is worth a few bob, but that Halmatro generator is worth not a red cent to anyone other than a fire service… Doubt theres a market for that!!!


Surprised they didn’t take the axe and the bucket. Handy out for the winter…


Scum of the earth


Father is as big a wanker as the son


First world problems :grimacing:


High praise indeed.


Should be a graduated scale of fines and sentences for people that mess with the emergency services.


Non GAA. Bruce Springsteen? American Football?


A horrible shitebag. Like his son.


These are approved at the annual congress for that year they are to take place


Looks like the apple fell very far from the tree in Clann McGregor’s household.


An orchard full of those apples in the family by all accounts!!


Those two bastards moving the sofa around their gaff before dumping it in a charity shop.
Pair of saps.


Coddle f##king pizza? Get out of here yer killing me.


Fcuk me that was a mega moan. I stopped reading before they even ordered. Had the knife in the minute she couldn’t sit outside.


I don’t know the place but one does not put coddle on a pizza.


Thought so too. Agenda Central.


Could she get any further up her own arse!!!
Good few friends have eaten there said really good food etc.


What did they think of the stripes??

Little vicious wagon like her could damage your business all the same.