Get It Off Your Chest


The most logical game I can see is a Celtic V Ireland match at the AVIVA … get 45,000 fans in and use that money for the fundraising.

What happened to Miller was tragic and I admire the sentiment but I don’t agree with the criticism being levelled at GAA here. Not their issue at all.


I think its a case of there’s an empty stadium sitting there which could accommodate more people . Also the €30 million PUC got in funding is now been highlighted by the government which is drawing attention to the GAA.


Celtic v Ireland at the Papal Cross FTW.


The GAA are being asked for a favour, nobody is saying the game has any entitlement to be in PUC.

Its poor form from the GAA to turn away an event like this with no fixture clash etc…
Being asked for a loan of a stadium for a couple of hours to fund raise for a worthy cause…‘sorry see rule 42 no can do’. When Buble or Garth Brooks come knocking, ‘Ah yea sure dont mind them fixture clashes or possible replays that we wont be able to facilitate, come on in just leave that cheque out for us when your leaving’.

If there is nothing in it for them then they dont want to know is the message coming out of this, despite the good cause behind it.
All non GAA events are raised and voted on at an annual congress meeting in February, Liam Miller died in February so its not like the chance presented itself to go through the ‘proper channels’


The association either abide by the rules or they don’t. If they choose to hand pick which rules they bypass then they might as well do away with congress and change the rules as they like. Is it archaic?, maybe but it’s a democratic process and in fairness they stick to it. There’s no issue with concerts, that’s already laid out in the rules.

The other issue is, the money is being fund raised for Liam Miller’s family. Why haven’t United, Celtic and Ireland just been asked to put their hands in their pockets and pay out to fund this? The sum in question would be pocket change to all 3, especially United. Then a trophy or whatever could be awarded to his family at the match at Turner’s cross in recognition of that.

All the questions being raised by this are being directed at the wrong association as far as I can see.



Yeah I remember that now, he donated a portion of the money earned to Liam Miller’s family. He split everything earned among other charities too. A fantastic gesture from Brown.

Doesn’t stop Celtic, United and Ireland just doing something themselves though.


Its not like they are looking for funeral costs covered and the family are appealing for funds. In that case absolutely, those clubs would be expected to offer the money.

The game is being organised by a collection of Millers friends and former teammates. They want to have the game in Cork, as it is Liams home county. Not Croker, Old Trafford, The Aviva or Celtic Park. Surely you understand the sentiment behind that?

Now, in Cork there is PUC, or the other option which is Turners Cross. Turners Cross holds 7,000. The game being played here means that alot of people who want to go to support the event will not get tickets. Some may be going to see the big names playing (which is why they got famous ex players involved) and some are going to pay tribute to the mans life as a sportsman and as one of their own. Regardless the reason, more people at the event means more funds raised and would also add alot more to the atmosphere and to the occasion for Millers family. The GAA are in a position to provide all of those things to the event and wont its as simple as that. The FAI and his former clubs are not in that position to offer that.

Liam Miller was an active playing member of his local GAA club too.


It really isn’t ‘as simple as that’, that’s the whole issue, if you look in to the reasons why the GAA can’t just throw open the doors then it’ll make more sense.

If fund raising is the aim here then there’s lots of ways to achieve that. He played for a billion dollar club (United), a club in Scotland owned by a billionaire and then there’s the FAI. He also played out his football days at Turners Cross so in some ways there’s logic in playing his tribute match there.

Anyway we’re poles apart on our opinions here and aren’t going to agree.


Who is to say there isn’t non publized donations too . Id say whatever happens , his family will be well looked after which is right & proper .


I know the reason the GAA aren’t opening their doors. I understand there is a rule in place which prevents non GAA events happening at a GAA venue. I however think there should be an exception made given the circumstances and you obviously don’t. That’s where our, and a lot of peoples opinions differ really.

The main aim of the event is both fundraising and an occasion for his family where tributes can be paid to the mans life. To maximize these aims, along with the sentiment of it being hosted in Cork then PUC is theideal location.

I don’t think the GAA are in anyway obliged to open their doors, I just believe that they should. Some things are more important than a stupid rule. I’m happy to agree to disagree on it and leave it there.


I’m sure the Russian Republic of Ireland will be happy to maintain the stadium.


The violence on the IDF side is totally disproportionate, so is the finances of each side. one is lead by a poorly funded prescribed terrorist organisation the other funded by the wealthiest state on earth. Until there are boycotts and an economic impact on Israel and the population nothing will change.


true - but the Israelis have positioned themselves to be a high tech producing country, so it would be hard to boycott their goods

think when your neighbors all want you wiped off the face of the earth , the Israelis will get their retaliation in first - they know they are backed up by the states.


50 years ago that was true but now Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest allies. Naturally the persecution and cleansing of a population creates enimies


Someone mentioned it earlier. Any chance the Israeli / Palestinian discussion could be moved to the Politics thread, or given a thread of its own?

There’s obviously interest in it but I don’t think it’s in the right thread when among the posts someone is getting off their chest how they hate cyclists or culchies or something as trivial as that!


Hating culchies … trivial???


Have you ever tried getting one off your chest?


I wonder if the Resser that was Clayton could answer that?


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