Get It Off Your Chest


Ah here … you can’t be dragging the Native Americans into this too.


I asked for your opinion on the Hamas charter. You came back with your usual smart assery. Why you think I’m religious I’ve no idea. Or are you just trying to be funny :wink: You then refused to answer my question while insisting I answered yours.

I’ve been resisting replying to you for a while now because quite frankly I find some of your posts offensive in the extreme. I made a serious mistake in engaging you again. I have no intention of engaging with someone whose idea of debate is to ridicule and abuse so I’ll go back to ignoring you.


Goalposts move over this way please…

Lookit, I’m sure you’ll have no problem saying Arabs/Moslems are a load of murderous bastards in reference to some story or another to suit your point. Good man yerself, you’re the voice of the nation, you’re bravely saying what everyone else wants to say but hasn’t got the guts. Fearless outspoken man/woman of the people, and none o that aul PC shite.

If you can’t see that most people don’t use terms and statements such as the one you did to describe a whole nation or race or creed of people, and the reasons why they don’t, they we can simply agree to disagree rather than carrying on this tiresome charade of you as the heroic victim of the PC masses.

Now I’m off back to my trees. The shower of plant-strangling, light-blocking, power-line pulling, house/car/Palestinian-smashing, root-invading murderous bastards.


Apologies for interrupting the debate on the Middle East, also apologies if this is being discussed elsewhere I haven’t seen it. I am very disappointed at our association for refusing to open the gates of Pairc Ui Chaoibh so for such an event. Reason given is the rule stating outside events must go before Congress. This is a PR disaster for the GAA and enforcing a Stone Age rule in these circumstances is abysmal and reflects very badly on us, the wider GAA community.
Have the GAA forgotten that Rule 1.4 of the official guide quotes that the GAA “shall foster an awareness and love of the national ideals in the people of Ireland, and assist in promoting a community spirit through its clubs“


All in favour of PUC being used for this very worthy and honourable charitable event, but rules are in place for a reason. If they turned a blind eye for this one, then a precedence would be set and the slope turns mighty slippy. It’s a shame, but I can understand why HQ are making this stance. Hopefully some loophole can be found so as not to see Turners cross used and PUC used instead.



Such a pain in the arse. Keep up your brave fight! ( while I change my nappy)


Game not til September , maybe if there’s enough public outcry , something might happen…




They should play it at one of the more favourable venues for Irish soccer fans…

Parkhead, Anfield or Old Trafford.


Of course this stupid ban should be ditched as soon as possible.
But would there really be more than 7000 people willing to go and watch retired players in a friendly game?


In what way?


Id say there would for this game considering he played both soccer & gaelic. Could atttact a big crowd because its a good cause in relation to just a friendly match.They might even reduce the price of the ticket. Think it’s €50 ATM.


I don’t think people are viewing it as a bunch of retired players playing a friendly. It’s a benefit match for Liam Millers family and a charity I believe. Obviously the household names being involved would mean there would be big interest in it from fans aswel as people wanting to contribute to the event.

The smart remarks on the venue from some are a bit tasteless considering the circumstances.


You know what I find annoying over the Liam Miller testimonial, is that somehow the GAA are being criticised and the FAI get off scot free.

If anything the situation only highlights how useless the FAI are. Not only do they not even own one stadium in the Country, they only part own one stadium in Dublin. They are a professional organisation with a turnover similar to the GAA, yet they haven’t a half decent stadium anywhere in the country.

The GAA are criticised (wrongly in my opinion) as being money grabbers but at least we see first-hand where the money goes… so many top class clubhouses and centres of excellence all over the country along with a plethora of regional stadia, some being done up and some with planned development.

FAI money p1ssed away on sickening salaries and fat cat junkets ……


Agree wholeheartedly on your assessment of the FAI and the differences between them and the GAA.

However in this scenario the FAI are not organizing this event, they do have people on the organizing committee. I’m sure they would allow the game to go ahead in the Aviva if it was requested but it wouldn’t make sense to play it there. Cork is chosen as Liam and his family are from there, it would take a lot away from the potential fundraising to move it out of the county where Liam was from.

It’s a fundraiser at the end of the day, not an ireland international match. What harm is it to open our doors to this event? If they played a Gaelic football match would it be ok then?


Was thinking the same. What if they played 10 mins of GAA and 80 mins of soccer which would represent Liams time playing both codes and could get around the stumbling block


The FAI don’t - as far as I know - part own Lansdowne Road. They part own the management and lease of it with the IRFU. I don’t know for how long this continues, it was all part of the stadium being funded and built (with more taxpayers’ money than the GAA got for Croke Park). After that, it returns to the sole ownership of the IRFU.
Of course, you can bet that the current hierarchy within the FAI couldn’t give two hoots as to what will happen once this management plan/lease runs out as they’ll be dead and buried by then.


To be honest, I reckon you would get a bigger attendance in Parkhead than in Pairc Ui Chaoimh. The people of Cork aren’t don’t have a reputation of filling stadiums to watch sporting events.


50 years. Lansdowne reverts to full IRFU ownership in 2060 although whether it’s still there is another question