Get It Off Your Chest


Somebody has to add Tommy ‘Tom’, never really liked him, our very own bitter I always felt


Oh just wondering , you mean our Jim Gavin at the inauguration ?


Yep, our Jim, was just putting it out there was he a Trump fan or just there to fulfill an engagement


Jayus I hope not !


Jim Making Dublin Great Again



Defence Forces Rep? MacDonald might be calling on us to renounce neutrality and support the war effort in the Muddle East(sic) from ‘his’ West Europe Base. Either that or we kiss goodbye to the Multinats, Green Cards, and Obama Plaza as a half-way stop to The Cliffs or to Thurles from Ennis.

Kavanagh’s coaches could takeover as Bus Eireann goes bust. Proud Dub will cash in her shares, and Res Dubs will buy out Twitter.


Trump at the Spawell ? Chosen development partners …


He could buy into Clondalkin GAA and call it something imaginative … like Trump Towers …





You’re fired .


Mickey Flanagan’s “Out, out” DVD is brilliant.
Jimmy Carr is nervelessly funny.
Russell Peters is worth checking out also.


David McSavage anyone? Another comedian I seriously dislike


I thought we were talking about comedians?


I really liked the savage eye.

There, I said it!


I went to see him years ago at a fairly small gig and thought he was brilliant. Have given the savage eye a few chances but just not getting it, some bits are funny, but I don’t think I laughed out loud once watching it


Yeah but in fairness you were in the local library …


I actually did find him funny the first time I saw him busking in Templebar, but I was about 13 at the time.
I saw Karl Spain performing his standup routine in the comedy tent at Electric Picnic years back. The most unfunny thing I’ve attended.


Moreso for @Hopper and a lot of the Judes contingent on here.

The Sackville is closing on February 8th :unamused:


Ah, another great gone, along with Ríordans/OCaseys, and Kennedys. Can our co-leaders(Angela+Trump) not save these places?


O’Caseys will be opening again soon :wink: