Get It Off Your Chest


:sweat:, might be a get it off your chest for folks of 'mun , I dunno :yum:.
No haven’t watched it , just saw it on Twitter.


I hear Rochey did the subtitles … yaknowharimean …


Documentary about Mun Kickhams would be worth watching too, incredible story really. How many in the Snr team at various stages last year, 6? If it was down de country there would have been a film, a play, a musical, an album, and multiple Off The Boil features. Laochra Gael would have spontaneously combusted


I thought that was a picture from a Paddys day parade in Kerry during the 80s with a young Aidan O Mahony on the right.


When did Glen Hansard (beside him) give up the accordion for the guitar?


I thoroughly dislike Des Bishop, an irrational amount of hatred for him. I can’t really explain why he just makes me angry.

Feels good to get that off my chest.


Don’t worry … it could happen to a bishop.


Ah c’mon…his Immersion routine is very funny.


Totally agree. Don’t find him funny at all.
Although my biggest hatred towards a comedian is reserved for Jason Byrne.


I spent a long time learning how to swear while shouting loudly and unfunnily with a view to making a career of it but Tommy Tiernan beat me to it.

And Micky Flanagan ??? What is that about?


Jimmy Carr is another unfunny f**ker


His laugh is shocking …


[quote=“GuyIncognito, post:299, topic:64, full:true”]
Jimmy Carr is another unfunny f**ker
[/quote]You can add Alan Carr to that list


Jim Gavin at the American embassy reception, I wonder who he was supporting


Ross Carr wasn’t funny either if you were a Dublin supporter … :scream:


Yeah ?


Ah lads, get a grip, Mickey Flanagan is brilliant, Jimmy Carr is very good too.
Check out Jim Jeffries, IMO one of the best around, not for the easily offended


Harper’s Bizarre …




Jeffries was recommended to me the other day, must check him out.