Get It Off Your Chest


Crazy stuff. Surely they should be able to build their harmless arch at this stage without the PSNI having to be involved?


Sorry. Thought that was all Saturday. Makes sense so.


That would be an ecumenical matter.


Can’t beat Father Ted for a religious riposte.



Don’t even think Fran can help the Peoples Champions™


No doubt who’s gonna get altar boys of the year though …


Load-a-bollox…last league games (VITAL).

Any idea when the back match dates are? Pre or Post the last round of champo group games??


He is gonna lift da curse…watch out lads :facepunch::sweat_smile::open_mouth::trophy:


Saw this advert for the first time yesterday, wtf were they thinking of?


it’s an embarrassment. Can’t believe the Marley dynasty allowed that song to be used by that tool. As usual though, money talks.


From memory, and I’m open to correction, but I think Marley left no will ( I don’t Rastafarians are allowed to? ) and consequently there’s been decades of infighting from his children and exes.


At right that explains it. Shame really. That bellend from maroon 5 is a leech of the highest order regardless.


It’s true he did not leave a will and was not allowed to by his belief system but the courts in Jamaica did eventually give his wife and children control of his estate. So they would have sanctioned this. It’s also true that they have had to fight off a number of cases brought by other family members and by people claiming he was their father etc.

Very messy alright.


Where there’s a will there’s a relative as they say.


All sounds very jammying to me


Or Ryanair and others could just not board the fuckers


Or ask for boarding passes at the bar.


are they still selling booze in plastic packets ?


Friend went to Prague on Friday - same problem. Load of scrotes going on a stag. Caused uproar including threatening to shut up a crying child …