Get It Off Your Chest


I’ve read up on this stuff before & there studies where torturing animals leads to actual torture / murder of people . Its one of the first stages .
No words can describe what I’d do to someone if i saw them doing this to an animal .


Just following on from this , if there are any dog lovers out there , these guys could do with your help


The scumbags that do this stuff in public parks and NOTHING will be done about it…really makes my blood boil :rage::rage:


Surprised stuff like this hasn’t happened more often and as always it’s always someone else on the receiving end of these things


Stumbled across this from magill magazine 2005. There are a lot of questions to be answered and persons held to account if only half of what this article alludes to is true, though having followed the tribunals, I would believe all these testimonies till its proven otherwise.
Tales of corruption and intimidation


Watching Ferris Bueller & came across this story about Matthew Broderick , never heard of it before .
Anyone remember this , him & Jennifer Grey involved in a car crash where both passengers of the other car died in Enniskillen. He only got a fine in the end .


Yeah I remember it alright.


Crazy reading about it . Both their careers were just taking off , from what I’ve read it had a major effect on Grey as Dirty Dancing was just coming out & she went through all sort of emotions , survivors guilt , etc .Broderick was so messed up by it that he ended up in therapy & had arranged to meet the family 15 years later , but it didn’t come to pass .


Yeah. I’ve read a few interviews about it.


CCC has cancelled all fixtures on the weekend of 26/27 August because of the pope’s visit and potential restrictions on travel. Whatever about the Saturday the visit has absolutely zero effect in Dublin on the Sunday. Remarkable decision to basically give up a Sunday in the summer for absolutely no reason.


Holy Jaysus.


Indeed. It appears he hasn’t gone away you know :wink:


25th/26th is it? Reckon it will affect Adult games?


Al CCC fixtures. That’s all adult games. Sorry I was out by a day with the dates. It’s the Saturday and Sunday.


No the Pope Beeko. :wink:


He’s in The Phoenix Park on Sunday afternoon


Emmet Stagg will be thrilled skinny…


You do know he is saying mass in the Phoenix Park at 3pm on the Sunday yeah?




Only June 13th & we are off.