Get It Off Your Chest


Scumbags. Quelle surprise as to their origin


As I said, physical punishment is required. Prison is a waste of time. They are scum and they don’t give a shit.


Sorry I watched that now.
Little bastards.


But indigenous little bastards.


Don’t worry pavee point will come out and comdem these actions and then proceed to blame Irish society that they don’t have their own sulky race field where they can commit this cruetly in peace


Irish Mirror. It’s quite possible there’s lots of crimes and terrible things done by all sorts of ethnic people that are also reported but you seem to always post the ones by a particular ethnicity, or by immigrants. That for me is the “quelle surprise”.
I’m not being smart here, I’m genuinely wondering do you realise this emphasis in terms of the point you’re making and the evidence you’re using?


Animal abuse seems to be a particular issue with travellers especially in regard to horses hence the quelle surprise

I have also never deliberately highlighted anything done by immigrants. Other posters may have but not me


Fair enough, apologies for tarring you with that brush (!). Fair point about the animal abuse though I do think there’s wider and even worse issues with animal abuse (factory farming-type for example) that don’t get highlighted much, probably because the majority are silently involved.


Way too much talk again of that bellend from Kildare on this forum in my opinion.

Honestly it’s almost becoming obsessive now. I think I’ve seen him being discussed on 3 different threads at the moment.

How many times does it need to be said, all you’re doing is keeping him relevant. He clearly reads the site and must be loving the reaction he’s getting.


100%. It’s ridiculous.


It’s just a number.


Ah he’s a character and a half in fairness. Were like a cat with a ball of wool here !


What the fùck

She’s lost her fucking marbles


Her name does contain he word ‘gear’


Minute’s silence in Wexford. Minute’s silence in Cork. Minute’s silence at nearly every game now.

Personally I think it needs to stop. I know not sounds harsh. Maybe a small piece in the programme or something. It happens so often now the impact is diluted.


Yes. It makes such a huge difference to everything.


Clearly not to you. I’m not mad about it though.

Strange world, isn’t it?


I really see nothing wrong with giving 60 seconds of recognition to people who gave a lifetime of service to the GAA and who have passed away. Can’t understand why one minute’s silence would bother anyone …


Dont see the big deal myself.


I’ve seen that video being shared around but cannot bring myself to watch it. Apparently there’s another one doing the rounds of some fellas putting a blow torch to a dog. Deadly serious when I say this, anyone who commits an act like that to an animal or a person deserves to be physically beaten to a similar extent to the harm they did to the animal/person. It’s frightening there are people out there who operate on this level of psyche.