Get It Off Your Chest


It was reported that he was self harming to a significant level in the car park. Followed in there by an under cover cop. So he knew the game was up. Wrote a bit of a ramble of a note and came at the poor copper, as he was probably too cowardly to do the job himself.


I have a ‘no junk mail’ notice on my letterbox. I’m sick of filling my green bin with charity bags, fast food menus and political leaflets. Standing in my front garden this morning playing with 2 of my kids when a lad opens the gate, walks up the drive and a flyer for the referendum is put in the letterbox! I say to the young chap “sorry buddy, it says no junk mail on the letterbox” he replied that it wasn’t junk mail and that I needed to be educated about how to vote in the referendum and that I was lucky my children weren’t aborted!!! In front of my kids!!! To say my blood boiled is an understatement. I opened the letterbox, went up the road after him and handed it back to him somewhat forcefully. I told him if he crossed the threshold of my home again, I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions. Cocky little prick!

Repeal the 8th - Poll

Those Yes people are so annoying.


Ah bollix :pensive:


Ah no☹️


I dont believe this one, then again I didnt believe that Dr Huxtabelle could have done it either when I first heard it


Don’t know about that any ■■■■ that can wear jumpers like this is suspect.


Holy Fook … my da is guilty of something now also so


probably just bad fashion taste! :sunglasses:


I cannot wait until Waterford Whispers gets its hands on this!


Forget the WW. Once the other WWW (Wonderful World of Willy) finds out the Pope is dispensing Indulgences for Croke Park, the place will explode.


I thought they got rid of indulgences …or was that just selling them?

Might be a nice way of raising the compensation money they refuse to pay.


Great post!


They’ll never pay it. The political will to force them to just isn’t there. God help you if you forget to pay your TV license, or you under declare the tax on imported garlic though…:smirk:


“Our dog is blind & has diabetes so I carried her to the polling station to be part of #dogsatpollingstations.”

What has the world come to??


What’s this now ?


A tweet I saw today.

Would they not just put the thing down? I doubt it’s having a ball in that condition, while the owners flounce around virtue signalling like f*ck and hooring for likes.


Good christ


Twitter is a mad feckin place. I saw some of those dogs at the polling station tweets. WTF? Interesting tweet from Andy Reid (ex Irish soccer exponent) popped up on my timeline too. Telling people to stop bullying others into voting a certain way… I don’t follow him, but a buddy of mine retweeted it. That’s just a former personality looking for attention!


I took my Rottweiler to the vet earlier. I said, “My dog’s cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him?”
“Well,” says the vet, “let’s have a look at him.” So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his teeth. Finally, he says “I’m going to have to put him down.”
“What? Because he’s cross-eyed?” I said - really shocked.
Vet says, “No, because he’s really heavy”