Get It Off Your Chest


I think it’s down to bad (none) parenting whatever way you look at it.


Using the technology angle is an easy out @Iomaint while not totally underestimating its part in recent events. I’m with @Dub09 on this one, the level of couldn’tgiveafuckery that some parents display is the main problem. In many cases, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


all part of it I think. The Belfast rape case showed the attitude that is prevailing among young men and teenagers towards women.


That’s quite a broad brush you’re painting with there.


It’s based on talking to my own friends and what we were like when we were younger where we weren’t exactly angels but it has gotten worse listening to my girlfriends two teenage sisters.

The rape case
a) brought the discussion out
b) seemed to represent a good idea of how women can be viewed by a large minority of younger men


Bàstard. Hope his death wasn’t instant and he was writhing around in pain for a while


Really is horrific. Nightmare… fucking nightmare. Wonder was this horrible fucker responsible for more. A beast in sheeps clothing.


My blood is boiling at the thought of what these two women (one a girl) went through in their final moments.

And then on the news today it’s reported the Irish prison service (our money) is being used to the tune of 80,000 EUR per year on sky sports for prisoners…well F that.

This country is too light on crime and sentencing. I’m glad the cops shot dead that thug. More of the same.


Unfortunately that was to easy for the fucker.


too easy but he wont be out on the streets again


I was about to type “or costing us (taxpayers) any more money”…

But there will probably be a lengthy investigation (GSOC or whoever) which will drag this out and cost a small fortune (which of course the legal profession will lap up…!


I’d rather him dead then sitting in a cell watching the champions league final. If it were a case where such criminals were stuck in a hole with no entertainment and just had bread and water to eat then I’d be all for it.


I’d rather see if the fucker had any connection to any other crimes of this nature. He wanted to get shot and thats exactly what he got. To easy. regardless of what ones preference is for the fucker he has caused a huge amount of suffering. Its shocking beyond belief.


Why wanted to get shot, hardly a brainwashed terrorist?



There’s something terribly heartbreaking about the two murders this week. I think the Wicklow ■■■■■■■ was a psychopath. The Lucan one, if it was teens, may even be more shocking. Hard to contemplate the last moments of the victims. I have always believed in an eye for an eye and still do. Nobody fears jail.


Yeh I know about that. But this guy was hardly suicidal, much more likely psychopathic.


Had apparently made some references to the wife that she wouldn’t see him again.


I’ve heard some story through my wife regarding the young girl out in Leixlip. Broke my heart listening to it. I have to say I thought had become immune to the ills of society but I had to pull over to take it in. Heartbreaking .


So an extreme hate crime more likely. Incredible how such a dark side can go unchecked or unknown. Most likely known to some extent though, that’s the thing.