Get It Off Your Chest


c. 200ml has always been the size for “split” bottles, hasn’t it? And c. 150ml for tonic water, soda water, etc? 330ml is the standard can size.


If you got a kid or a designated driver a mineral in a pub it was always 330ml. It is not for a split - it is a drink in it’s own right.


But a lot of pubs don’t serve 330ml cans. That’s the point I was making.


I completely agree on the 200ml bottle, drives me insane too and personally wouldn’t pay it. But would of course expect to have to pay for cordial for reason stated above, similarly, I wouldn’t have an issue paying for tap water if it being served to me either. €1.50 might be a bit much though, I think €1 is a fair price


There’s 330ml bottles. Why would they serve them when they can fleece you for nearly €3 for a mouthful.


@Harper no issue with paying for cordial but the €1.50 is a joke, as you said anything more than €1 is taking the piss.


Nominal charge is fine. You can get punters taking the piss with that too … students …


And then they ask for the wi-fi code.


Yea problem with charging a euro is, people will go, oh its only a euro, dont worry about it, including staff! But thats a business owners problem!


would you be let off a euro for the price of a pint - manys the year since i worked in retail but 5 cent or 10 cent would be the maximum you’d let someone off once or twice a shift.


No you wouldn’t, but most places will have a stock take on pints and bottles etc so it has to be regged and tills should balance. When a bar man says a go on, for the cordial,. nothing happens with the tills so there is no discrepancy. Again, thats the owners problem having trustworthy staff too


I’d be talking about the bottles - as opposed to the splash.

but yeah its trustworthy staff at the end of the day.

A certain establishment in malahide has a cocky little fucker working behind the bar and he ripped my mate off in giving him the change back - The manager was giving the normal line of, we’ll cash up the till and if its up give us your number and we’ll get back to you in the morning - which is fair enough (dont see how it works on a shared till myself) My mate knew he had been done and told the manager if the till is up give it to charity - we didn’t want the money at this stage.

Was telling the lads in work about it , and one of them described the barman to me - said he had ripped him off one of the nights too.


Oh you can get those fookers too. Most places would/should have cameras to review immediately, unless they are completely rammed, then you can understand it. Sure their till wont be over at the end of the night because the money will be in your mans pocket anyway!


Disgusting and Despicable. Right in noonans back yard the baldy horrible ■■■■ won’t give a ■■■■.

We’ll be reading a lot of this over the coming years.


Fully agree with you . Beyond comprehension that these guys had tax laws framed for them , pay sweet FA in tax and are allowed to do this . The tenants probably pay more in tax than the fund does. Home of the Minister for Finance- might get a shrug of the shoulders and another joke about feta cheese or seed potatoes .


I hate that man as much as that other baldy ■■■■ hogan. Nooonan is despicable, despicable over the Hep C and his crocodile tears on The Late Late show was a PR stunt to win favour for him all facilitated by RTE.


Just read on Ir Times website that the landlord in the Limerick eviction threat has withdrawn the demand for tenants to quit their properties . Good news I think


Yes it is. Hopefully the teanants get transparency on their leases and the fuckwits in government pass legislation against these vulture fund animals


Not sure how to categorize this but worth a look for people interested .

The 4th Act tells the story of the €1bn regeneration of Ballymun, a high-rise working-class community on the northside of Dublin, through the eyes of the community itself. Drawing on hundreds of hours of local and personal archive collated over the past thirty years, the film explores themes of loss, community, hope and defiance as the residents of Ballymun watch their familiar landscape and way of living vanish over the course of two decades.


Jaysus hardly get it off your chest material unbelievable. Don’t be so lazy!

Ps Is it any good?