Get It Off Your Chest


You stay classy now Ming. :joy:


Don’t watch it then Ming for ffs.

Also Ming criticising others for what they’re wearing has he looked in the mirror lately :smirk:


Who are they? What have they got to offer? I actually agree with the merciless one on this.


An elected rep should not call people pricks … especially when he is such a one himself …


No idea Beeks. Don’t watch TV3.


Ming being a twat


Yikes.He looks like her dad .


What Clooney is seeing at this stage of the evening …


Fair point.

The bigger question is what is he doing looking at gee-bag television.


what the ■■■■ is this world coming to. Walking home from work and grabbed of the street in broad day. Dead now.


Horrific news


I hope she didn’t suffer too much.
Terrible tragedy for her family. Terrible for the family of the main suspect, also. Their lives are in ruin now also, through no fault of theirs. How does his wife explain what has happened to her two children?


I was just thinking that, what kind of an animal was he?!. It seems he’s going to be investigated for some other assaults and disappearances in the area too in case he had any involvement.

What kind of funeral does this guy get now… if you knew him would you even want to go?! I know you’d want to support the wife kids etc but I could not stand in a church and hear his name mentioned.


Pity they shot him. I wonder was it suicide-by-cop?



Christ social media is one sick place sometimes


The amount of armchair police experts is something else. Lashing the Guard out of it for shooting him despite nobody knowing what the circumstances at the time were.:roll_eyes:


If he left a note, and the online rumour is that he did, then it was probably death by cop. Pity. He never felt the fear he made her feel. Also I reckon the Guards in Lucan are not remotely looking for other suspects. They know well who did it. There will be much hand-wringing about children/teens. Schools will be told to bring in more programmes etc. Move along now. Thoughts and prayers.


What do you propose as an alternative?


We need to have a proper discussion about the effects of technology on our species. And quickly. I know bad things have happened in the past but if this turns out to be kids, I believe it is due to online porn and the desensitization brought about by technology.