Get It Off Your Chest


Another school shooting in America this time in Texas 8 dead.

Plus Ça Change


Of course


The U.S. A failed state, which is now desperate.




Considering what you pulled me up on last night that’s some statement.

I’ll just put it down to your experience of America.


:joy::joy::joy: Jaysus @alanoc you barely had to put your head in the long grass!!! :joy:


Sweet Jesus


How about nó entrances?


They will grasp at anything in order to rationalise these shootings.


Prayers. Guns. Make America Great Again.

That place is bonkers.


This just breaks my heart. Every parents worse nightmare. God love them.


And I bet the indo is revelling in the sordid details.


Plenty of RTE’s homepage devoted to that wedding and a story about Ozzy Osbourne’s son breaking up with his mot. FFS


Sad to report there have been no major fashion faux pas so far.

(Well apart from Beatrice and Eugenie obviously. Who look in a terrible state. But then, when don’t they?)

Very, very disappointed.

Becks looks as ridey as ever, Elton’s latest face lift could do with a bit of a retouch, Gorgeous George is starting to show his age and Serena Williams wins my Best Dressed. As well as the Suits gals, but not the chungwan in the polka dots. That was hideous. And oh yeah, Fergie got an invite, which was nice. But she’ll probably be at the rejects table. Totally her own fault and all that…

There now. Ye can all have long discussions with your Mammys and significant others this weekend, that don’t involve cutting the grass, or the weather. You’re welcome.


No word about Amal :open_mouth:


Didn’t like it. Not a fan of mustardy yellow. One looks washed out in it, doesn’t one?


Is that the new Rossie strip?


Stop mocking.

Lots of classy and elegant Irish brides-to-be taking down copious notes as we speak.


Great sermon …