Get It Off Your Chest


What do you mean?




Winners write the history books…

That’s a mad take though .


There is no logical reason why rational grown mature adults in this country would bother their arse to watch this nonsense, yet for some bizarre reason I’m hearing normally rational grown adult (wimmins) saying that they are going to spend the day watching this. Same thing happened when the other fella got married,

You are right that it should have less interest than a Kilkenny football meet and greet but sadly it won’t.

In summary: People are stupid


Wedding dress , big hats , all very romantic .
Whats not to like for a woman .




I have zero interest in it but if other people do, that’s their own lookout, it’s not being paid for out of my taxes.


This exact conversation (substituting mins for wimmins) is taking place over on a women’s forum … about the FA Cup Final …


I still don’t get you.


De wimmin will watch the royal shindig for the very same reason I they watch the Rose of Tralee, the Oscars, the Eurovision etc etc. They want to see all the fabulous gunas, sparkly jewels & whatnot. Then there is the delicious prospect of some rich and famous (or titled) person making a complete tit of themselves on national TV. Oh. My. GOD Mavis…did you SEE the state of yer wan !!!

In a nutshell, we’ve a fierce horn for celebs that look all glam & sparkly. (Even the ugly ones. Like Camilla. But I digress…)

Now if that is stupider than fully growed up Irish men, of presumably average intelligence, losing their shit altogether over an Egyptian young fella chasing a little piece of plastic around a field in Liverpool…well then…ye can be the judges of that.

Just the 2.4 of you of above average intelligence mind. :wink:


Logically there shouldn’t be a market for it here, but sadly there is, the advertisers will snap up the spaces,


I STILL don’t get it. But I’m stoopid.


No worries, it’s not important anyways


I think he’s having you on here @Vin


Ah, sorry the bleedin wedding discussion was going on all around the the office today. I’m losing the bleedin plot


Well it’s like this, Elizabeth told 'Arry to marry someone. Arry didn’t want to so he went orf and found Megan, and she told Arry she’d do it, for a bit of publicity. Arry said Yeh, Liz said “what?!” and “you can do what you want son but, the next time you see me coming you better run.” Arry said to Megan “where’d you want this marrying done?”, Megan said, “down on Highway 61”


Altogether now…Luton Airport…ooh- eeh-ooh…Luton Airport, so I told him done I, Luton Airport ooh-eeh-ooh…


Oh you, you always make me blush. :blush:




Who exactly is Angela Merkel marrying?