Get It Off Your Chest


Or if parents stopped suing over the slightest things


If they keep paying them out, why would they stop. It encouraging them more than anything!


Are the presenters/commentators giving their time for free also?


They’d be getting paid regardless if they’re on a contract presumably so doubt it’s costing RTE anything extra


And they’re showing up on Saturday for free?


But they wouldn’t be getting anything extra I presume they’d be getting that money anyway


Can you be sure of that?
Are they commentating from Donnybrook or in-situ in Wondsor?
Are they paying for their own taxis/hotels/flights (whichever is applicable)? Meals? Expenses?
It’s nonsense, if anyone in Ireland wants to watch it, there are plenty of alternative media. It’s one thing to listen to Nicholas Witchell fawning over a royal family but to have Irish citizens doing so (and it will, no doubt, cost some TV licence money) on the state broadcaster’s main TV channel is another thing, altogether.


Donnybrook afaik from reading what RTE have said


I can’t bear that man. He’s so awful, he really is…

Apparently RTE have scooped Miss Marple’s Dad and are flying him over to do co-commentary.


That’s Charlie Windsor’s quote, yes?


Feck … I’ve been rumbled …


It sickens me to say, but even as puerile as the whole thing is, I bet that it will probably bring in the advertising $$ to Donnybrook as the fashionistas lose the run of themselves for the day…


Is the correct answer. They’d make sweet fa if they were showing some cookery show or whatever they’d normally show at that time on a Saturday


They’d do it for nothing out there


TV3 are showing the whole shebang from 9:30 on Saturday morning. Admittedly it’s merely ITVs coverage that they’re showing


I plan on getting up at 9.25 on Saturday morning …

for a pi55 …


Sure ye are.

More likely ye’ll be sat in front of the telly with a full English and a cup of tea watching all the comings and goings from Windsor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Indeed. I love me car auctions!


And when RTE do take their ad breaks, the viewers won’t be switching over to BBC/Sky/ITV? This issue won’t be lost on the advertising execs. Why in God’s name would you want to buy advertising slots that will be viewed by eff-all people?


You’re trying to apply logic to an illogical situation. Hotels trying to put on royal wedding events and the like, the more technologically advanced the world gets, the stupider people become