Get It Off Your Chest


Hahaha! Feck ya Tom, spat my vin rouge all over my Cartier watch and my rug… You know, that rug really tied the room together dude!

Is that the time already?


Possibly that time all right, two more gulps then I’m bringing the bottle to bed.


It’s an awful name for your significant other… She needs some bottle to go to bed with you dude!


You still have it Rochey, you still have it.


I think I’ll go again. This is fucking appalling craic.


In fairness, you bring zero craic.

(By zero I mean you’re a c*nt.)


Being fnck all? Yes. Yes I do.


Wow … puns are banned …


He meant the hot water bottle. And cocoa. And his warmed personality disorder slippers. And his favourite cardigan that he pulls his hands back up into the slieves of.

Speaking of wind power and Irish dancing at the crossroads, these things just might well turn out to be compatible…


YA pair of pricks I’d introduce the fucker to filibusted blanch style. Women dying because they where misdiagnosed and theses gobeen drunk driving apologists defending the right fir some arsehole to drive home over the limit. ■■■■■. Pure ■■■■■. My grandfather was killed by a drunk driver on north strand getting a bag of chips I can’t tell ya enough what a hateful horrible thing it is to do to another human being.


The HRs are a disgrace there and Gallagher is a waste of space. We need a revolution.



Right, I’m going to get me a political ideology and get me a job in leister house.


This could open the door to legalizing betting in other us states


Is it any wonder there’s an obesity problem among kids.


WTF? Is TV Licence money really being devoted to this?


it used to be all day Cup Final …


RTE are getting it for free off the Beeb.


For what died the sons of Róisín …


If the judges stopped paying out ridiculous claims the kids might be allowed to run…