Get It Off Your Chest


Or maybe develop agri-business, tourism, marine bio-technology, forestry, renewable wind/wave energy and become less dependant on FDI. I like your ideas though.


All sarcy posts aside, this is a huge one for me. We are in a prime position off the western shelf of Europe, yet no government seems keen on creating clean, renewable, carbon free energy. You’d swear the oil companies had bought out our government planning agencies… In fact, it’s baffling!


Yeah wind farms are welcomed everywhere with open arms …


Plenty of space out in the ocean dude.


It obviously doesn’t pay or would be done before now I assume


You assume quite incorrectly sir!


Will there be plenty of comely maidens?


Only at crossroads and other junctions.


And only if safe to be there.


Ha, nice parody, I like it.


He was being serious!


He was not, he’s a witty guy.


Can’t believe I’m back in this fucking kip again.

Never liked you all anyway. Yeah, you…


Go yourselves.


Hi Ewan.

Nice weather down by your way?


Love you too brother!


So angry and yet such a swarthy, unconventional beauty.
The thinking woman’s Billy Bob Thornton.


Get fucked!!


Multiple orgasims.




Hyphenate that shit nigga.

(I apologise for my casual grammar-nazism.)