Get It Off Your Chest


The principal objector was seemingly some selfish arsehole who it turns out has land in Wicklow and wanted Apple to build it there instead.


Would have done wonders for Athenry


And they give out about lack of rural development.


That’s Ireland for ya :angry:.


Gobshite has form.

He tried to block Amazon’s being built too.

Interesting view of the city fathers in Tallaght. I can see their point on such a large site going to a company that will employ a relatively small number of people. In an area with an unemployment problem, is that really the best use of such a massive tract of land?

It’s an awful shame the Athenry plans fell thru. But once the initial construction was done, it would be a relatively low maintenance, storage centre for machinery. The data centre wouldn’t need many on site staff, compared to a traditional factory, or office set up.

Who knows, once the initial infrastructure was put in, a marketing drive could have been done to attract other tech companies to locate their data centres there too. But the data centres themselves by their very nature, do not tend to be big employers.


A scandal. If you don’t live in eh area you shouldn’t be allowed object. Laws need to be changed.

There was a similar issue with a hotel in Mayo lately bin which a Dublin resident objected to its demolition. Further development and de centralization at Knock airport has also had objectors in the east halt progress.


Head of HSE finally stepping down. Half of Fine Gael should go with him, after shoring him up for so long. Cnuts.


The lack of accountability in this country is a bloody disgrace. His head shouldn’t be the only one that rolls. The buck may stop with him, but if there is any justice in this world, a lot more should be following him out the door and into the bloody dock. Women are DYING FSS !


He was due to retire in a few weeks anyway, he’ll still get a full pension and golden handshake. Fucker should be sacked and all those around him who lied etc…

No wonder HSE is constantly being bailed out by countless governments, simply paying for all these cover ups and mismanagement.


And then it’d all end up in court and he’d get it all back and more … and our legal friends would also make huge bucks … because that’s what always happens here …


the way he acted was under instruction from the department of health, the hidden jokers locked away from scruitney in a large dark building. They are the ones that should resign


Where are all the water protestors? The feminists that took to the streets in Paddy Jacksons trial etc…? Lack of outrage about this is one of the most concerning things about it all. Government need to be held accountable. It’s the people that still vote these clowns in that I feel sorry for. They were covering Fitzgerald in the McCabe scandal, they were covering for O Brien on this. They have become dangerous for the Irish public to continue with them at the helm with their negligence.


We will have a chance at the next election but will we take it?


What’s your ideal replacement?


Shinners and socialists.


Perfect answer to your question. Equally applicable here.


Those shower. Sure they’d ruin the economy, and the health service, and make a hames of the housing situation. What we need is good governance, what we need is Fianna Fail or Fine Gael or Labour.


Yes, we need a steady, sensible hand. Homeless people dying on the streets. Women dying of cancer they were not told about. Vulture funds feasting away. NAMA and the banks in charge. A shambolic health service. Kids waiting two years for a diagnosis of Autism but no services.A Garda force riven by corruption. A government dependent on the likes of Shane Ross for its survival. Yes we have never had it so good. The lefties would ruin all that. Because they always do…even though…they have never been in power!


They’d frighten the likes of Apple away. And ruin the place.


Exactly. What we need is more foreign companies who will ■■■■ off if they don’t get their way. More technology and more pharmaceuticals. To ruin us completely.


We need more bodhran makers. And Aran jumpers - lots of Aran jumpers. We need a grant given to every house outside the M50 to produce Aran jumpers. We need wealthy people paying more tax so that they can give everyone else everything for nothing.