Get It Off Your Chest


Another Scully special in the Heddled …‘Capital Gain for Jackies’. Then we have ‘Rolls Royce Show by Outstanding Jackies’ …followed by ‘Artane Band were dancing to the Dublin saunter’. I know he is a nice lad but Jesus wept.


King of the cheesy headlines, but he provided a brilliant service to Dublin club GAA for decades. Lovely lad too.


I know that but it’s appalling nonsense and him being sound doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. I really wish there was another paper competing for Dublin GAA.


Have a bit of sympathy. Maybe he’s a member here and has to read the crap you write … like the rest of us …


Ahh stop!


Why should I have sympathy? What he writes is awful- and you know it is! You having a pop at me won’t change that! I just wish some other paper offered to cover Dublin GAA so I could avoid buying the Herald.


Then don’t read it? I like Niall, he’s a very nice person with a big heart. Some people should take a ‘leaf’ out of that.


Cheesy headlines are what redtops are all about. Or maybe it’s just the pun-chlines?


I’m only winding you! You’re definitely among my top 200 posters here.


Did he drink his boppy too quick?


Coming from yourself, I am taking that as praise indeed!


Ive met Scully a good few times. A very quite and unassuming man, very shy. Loves Dublin GAA and the club scene. I’d take him over most of the prized wankers that writing stuff at the minute. A very nice chap.


And his son and namesake has done us good too.


They can break out the burberry. Cultural prosperity, they never had it so good.


I agree and I said he was sound but I still reckon many others cringe as I do at what he writes.


Fair enough!


Euthanasia , yay or nay ?
Reminds me a bit of Soylent Green here


Each to their own although you’d need to watch the possibility of elder abuse.

But Beethoven’s 9th? One of the most joyous, life affirming pieces of music ever written. Described by the composer himself as an ode to human peace and brotherhood?

Seems a strange one to check out on.

It’s also over an hour long!


We never talk about death. We probably should. It should have a thread. I cant help being extremely angry and heartbroken for the women who have died from cervical cancer, linked to recent failures in screening. We should all be furious about that. Death is awful and final. Music needs to be present. If I were to shuffle off this mortal coil anytime soon, this is the music I’d want:

Written by that utter genius Karl Jenkins and sung by the brilliant Laura Wright. You could go gently into the night if she was singing to you.


Good call about the cervical screening scandal. After all the ranting that goes on here about anything at all I’m amazed nobody got even a tiny bit miffed by this.