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Kanye West…

I am sure I have heard a song or two from him somewhere, without realising who the “artist” was. As far as I can see, he seems more famous for being with the “reality” tv star that is Kim Kardashian. Again, I ask, what the f*ck does she do? How can people so devoid of brains and anything positively talented be so famous?

Well, hopefully this little nugget will lose West a lot of support from where you’d stereotypically expect him to get it from.


Rant over - for now.


21 time grammy winner so more than famous in his own right

Seems to be of the genius blended with madness type


Awards ceremonies tend to be self-serving entities, in my opinion.


And I couldn’t tell ya one of his songs… really.


I’m not much of a fan either but he’s not famous for the sake of being famous.


I don’t think he’s famous for his music either. More to do with his opinions and associations.


Im sure he is not, I only know him for been married to the bird with the big arse.


Every one of his albums has gone platinum…


Boyzone have done well in music charts, by the way.


WHich means absolutely nothing in terms of quality.


Wasn’t talking about quality, As I’ve already said I don’t have much of an opinion on his music but to say he is only famous for who he’s married to is patently wrong


Fair point, but I think if his music was of better quality, he’d be more known for it to the general masses.


Don’t confuse yourself with the general masses…because he didn’t enter your sphere, doesn’t mean he wasn’t well known/successful …the guy was incredibly famous for his music well before he was famous for having ludicrous opinions. The general masses certainly know him as a musician/artist.

He is a moron, no question, but he is a multi award winning, multi platinum selling artist (all of this before he married that other bafoon with the giant hoop). Fame and wealth gave him a platform and he has been making a fool of himself on that platform for some time (crashing the stage at award shows, making “political” statements etc etc.)

In saying that, his couple of albums in particular were revolutionary to hip-hop (and are brilliant), in the same way that eminem or dr dre were (have you heard of these? perhaps this genre has passed you by?). His use of samples etc, how he strung his lyrics together…etc. This is what happens in music, in the same way I’m sure that oldies would say Elvis or the Beatles changed music, there is no right or wrong here, only opinions and tastes.

Look, if you listen to specific radio stations, or download specifc music to your device, you won’t hear of these guys! In the same way as if you asked a youngster to name an Oasis song, they couldn’t.

You may not know it, but I’m sure you would recognize some of Gold-digger, Stronger, Flashing Lights, Diamonds, Love Lock Down, Slow Jamz (which has Jamie Foxx on it)…to name a few, without knowing it was KW.

Anyway, as Maxi said - the numbers speak for themselves…a LOT of people obviously think highgly of his music…they buy it!


Go back to the Gardai, explain that you don’t believe he is genuine and that you want ti pursue this through insurance.
Notify your insurance company immediately, this is usually a term of most policies whether or not a claim is involved.

He’s had his chance, fook him.


I actually think use of samples isn’t particularly skilful - it’s bordering on plagiarism, but that’s just my opinion.
I have heard of Eminem and Dr Dre and even Run DMC. Dr Dre? meh… but Eminem and Run DMC had something going for them.
As I said, I am sure I have heard lots of West’s produce (music is too kind a word, for me) but I wouldn’t have heard anything to say to me “Who is that? I must find out and see where I can stream/download/purchase!”.

Numbers speak, indeed. But I would say “a LOT of people” buy into him for his attitude and background - pardon me if that sounds racist. And I think he may well alienate some or a lot of his following with his recent comments on slavery and Trump.


I love music but happily know next to nothing about this guy. Anyone who honeymoons in Laois cannot be taken seriously.




Contact your current insurer/broker, they will take you through all the steps required.

The lad that hit you has proved he can’t be trusted, time to escalate proceedings


Well this is WAYYYYY off. Any kid I know with any interest in music could name a load of Oasis songs. The 20 year old generation still sing them like I did 20 years ago. My own daughter who is learning how to play the guitar can play 3 of their songs and she is 11


I’m calling social services…