Get It Off Your Chest


Chump did indeed get in on it, of course. Germany is probably the model muti-racial country in the world, very high level of integration. Not sure if or how the massive refugee influx there relates to the recent attacks, would be interesting to read some good German comment on it, I will search…


Interesting development here

Personally wouldn’t buy anything of them as it’s all shite but Jesus I have fond memories of me oul dear haggling with them in the 80’s for the same cheap shite.

I suppose times change and while they bring a lot of colour to Henry street how the ■■■■ do they actually make any sort of living out of it? a lot of interesting comments below the article and some are valid regarding identity, history and Dublin City centre.

Any thoughts?


“Cause Dublin keeps on changing, and nothing seems the same”


First day back at work after Christmas. Barely slept last night with lack of alcohol. :weary:


I was the same - back training for the new season too - my body feels like I’ve been hit by a truck! And I’ve only started light running! Must be the old age catching up on me at long last!


Should probably rename the thread “Get It Off Your Belly” for the next few weeks


Same as, went back and done a full hour in a class. Thought I was going to puke.


Played a full game - wrecked. Back at me - probably because I was slouching stupidly in the chair. Thumbs also tired from the controls.


I took up smoking, it’s a wonder cure, I’m tellin yis. Slimmers World is finished!


Wtf is it with pubs, hotels and restaurants passing off a measly 200ml bottle of soft drink - a mixer - and charging you nearly €3 for it??? Pure f**king greed! Any time it has happened (about 4) that is my last visit to the establishment … proprietors be warned!


Jaysus, 4 times you got stung ! Would you not bring it with you in yer man bag, loike ?


It was for the kids. I get them pints now - it’s cheaper … and they’re both over 11.


The pubs that charge €1.50 and the likes for a dash with cordial is pulling the piss too.


Ah fair enough - that’s gouging alright . Last time I had the eldest grump of a teenager in a pub it was 3.75 for a coke for him . Was expecting a slice of pizza with it for that price !


Surprised you got stung on that one. Always let the bird buy 1st drink with mixer…


[quote=“LiamMac, post:263, topic:64, full:true”]Always let the bird buy 1st drink with mixer…

Mickser wasn’t there


I always got a splash with a dash for Mrs Alive Oh. Til she found out that my wee tastes the same as lime.

Now she just gets a dash on the rocks with a slice of green orange


Disagree with you there. Do you think the owners get the cordial for free? Do you think the person serving you said cordial is working for free? Do you think the dishwasher that cleans the glass your drinking from runs for free? and the cosy warm room you are sitting in, gets heated for free?


Nobody is expecting it for free. It’s the mark-up that annoys people the most. There is no excise duty on non-alcoholic drinks (to the best of my knowledge). But two small bottles of coke (which don’t come near making up a pint) can often cost more than a pint of beer/lager. That must be some mark-up on the wholesale price. Hoteliers, publicans and restaurateurs have to make a living, indeed. But there has to be a balance between giving cordials/splits away at a loss and charging a price that would act as a deterrent.

In my opinion, pubs are the worst. A designated driver would probably charged more that someone having a few pints.


My original post was based on being charged €2.90 each for one Sprite and two 200ml Cokes - not 330ml but 200ml - so €8.70 for 600ml of minerals.

Soft drinks are pricey enough most of the time but this practice of passing off ‘mixer’ mouthful bottles of just 200ml instead of at least the conventional 330ml is pure greed and meanness.