Get It Off Your Chest


Perfectly valid point from the judge IMO but of course we have screeching from Pavee Point.


Bit stupid to be criticising someone for bringing up violence at Traveller funerals, when the person in question is the bloody judge they are appearing in front of, on a fairly frequent basis. It’s not like he is some random politician or radio presenter or something. The man knows what he is talking about FFS !


When I see Martin Collins on the tv ‘screeching’ I usually and very calmly switch it off.


Martin Collins should be asked to watch the hilarious videos on YouTube wherein even traveller women threaten to beat each other up. He should then be asked to explain this quirky aspect of his culture. Maybe he could put together a PowerPoint to educate us on the cultural nuances involved when fat pikeys shout threats like ‘This is a message for Paddy…Paddy I’ll fight you and all your family…and I’m the man to bate you like happened before with your daddy when he ran away…and your child has special needs…■■■■…shit …kill…fight…etc’ .


A personal favourite…


That should be on the Leaving Certificate Honours English course. The lyric prosody. …the way he weaves language effortlessly…self-taught no doubt…Pavee Point would be proud! Michael D. could make a speech!


You cant have any debate with Pavee point over any aspect of their ‘culture’ without been accused of discrimination.


Jesus he meant everyone of those word, ya junky ■■■■■■■ ya.


This is a phenomena with many other groups in today’s society - another example currently being discussed on another thread.


You referring to the Beer thread? where Al and Roman is leading a campaign against the hoi politi peroni drinking brigade?


No but that could be too


Ah God love yis, sounding like a poor, put-upon, discriminated minority yisserselves. The ironing of it!



Jayus :open_mouth:


The link may belong to Anti social scumbags thread or East West conflict strategy.

Scary shit all the same


I understand that trains are running through the station but not stopping in it.

Meanwhile the driver of the Cork intercity service has just arrived at Kent station and realised that he left his lunch back on the platform in Dublin …


I can’t verify this but interesting all the same, guy decides to avail of $1100 discount by declaring to be a women instead of a man.


Gender directive makes it illegal for insurance companies to use gender as a load factor in the EU…


Except when they have stats & empherical numerical data to back it up.

Yiz shower of speeding, overly aggressive, road rage driven, Jeremy Clarkson lovin’, James Hunt impersonatin’ boy racer bastards !!!

There…I feel better now…or I will when I’ve had the valet parallel park the Rolls for me…


While on the topic of insurance folks I am wonder can any of you offer advice regarding a tip the other half had.

Car got hit from behind, nice bit of damage to the back bumper. The other bloke managed to convince her he would pay instead of going through the insurance and the guards weren’t called. He got the quote for the damage, asked could he get a quote from someone he knew. Didn’t hear from him again. Guards got involved, he just happened to change his number after getting the quote and they got his insurance details. They stated he would like to pay and not go through the insurance. He got the quote again and hasn’t been heard from since.

Would my next step be to go to his insurance company or my insurance company about it? Since this happened we have changed insurance companies so would obviously have to go to the previous insurers.

Any advice?