Get It Off Your Chest


You wouldn’t have far to look for chemical consolations on the quays!!!


At my desk, here I sit,
Trying to think of some wit,
When all is said and done,
Ya can’t bate a good pun.


Dublin by Birth
Dublin in my soul
Do I think Mayo will win Sam
I do in me Hole


Dublin and Proud

Men all, honest, true,
Dedicated, determined; blue.
Free flowing beauty,
Athletic grace
With nothing to compare,
Lighting up our summers
Panache, thrills and flair.
A two way affair
A bond unbroken
A love for life
A passion unspoken.
Sometimes bloodied
Never bowed,
Chin up, chest out,
Dublin and proud.


Great one on the Dart…sums up perfectly the fakery of a lot of the Mindfulness stuff out there.


Notified fees. Best thing about it is when you’re not notified. Load of bollix.

I got nailed with near 200 in one fortnight. Notified fees, an over draft facility fee, and a Credit card facility fee. Fuks!


Hey, diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.


Or anywhere in City Centre. had to along with some other folk escort/walk a bombed out scoby out of the middle of O’Connell back on to the path, he was out of it. Completely out of it.


Notified fees make Savio sad,
Notified fees are very bad,
They catch Savio out almost every month,
We all know his bank manager is an awful


But that’s how I always round off my 120 hrs of nonstop All-I winning celebrations


Yeah but was jeans hanging down around yer knees? and where you drooling like one flew over the cuckoos nest?


Common sense prevailed. I’d say Zlatan was told where to go.


Nearly got knocked down from behind because some stupid prick was cycling on the footpath. Doubt we’ll hear Mr Ryan taking about cyclists like that anytime soon :roll_eyes:


Nobody tells Zlatan what to do, is what Zlatan might say.


Country is full of cyclopaths …


Reminds me of the tarmac joke.


I nearly got knocked down by psycho drivers loads of times. Never hear anything about it.


Have we moved to a world where such actions are condoned ? Or, are all Dispicle acts to be condemned? .


Is the story even true?


Your guess as good as mine