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I’ve gone the other way. Boi charges are the price if a PP pass over the year.


I’ve read the child isn’t in any pain so what harm could the offer for treatment in Italy do? From the parents position they will need to try everything before giving up all hope and I can understand that.

There is precedent also for the NHS messing up, it’s an awful situation tbh.


This child doesn’t have a brain tumour. It’s much more serious than that. 80% of the child’s brain is gone. How likely is it he would even survive the trip? And I don’t mean to labour the point but even the Vatican hospital is not talking about treatment. They simply want to keep him alive. Again I would ask for how long?

There parents are apparently practicing Christians and they may well be waiting on a miracle. But in the mean time their son is being kept alive until who knows when by a machine. As noted, the child has to have his dignity respected.


How is he still alive ?


Depends on what part of the brain is dead UB.


That’s remarkable .


The growing cycling lobby and their ‘victim-shaming’ response to any objective criticism of some cyclist behaviour.


As usual, where there is a passionate protest in favour of a touching cause (Alfie Evans), there seems to be an element looking to hijack the cause and to inflict violence for their own needs.
Staff at the hospital have been intimidated and threatened with violence, apparently.


TL, come on, wheely? :confused:


Really. It’s tiring, and frankly ludicrous.


Glad you ‘spoke’ up


Have you seen the pics of the “die in” some of those taking part are I kid you not, not wearing a helmet…


This cycling and running fitness shit needs to stop. Our health service is under enough strain without having to deal with everyone living til 94. Stop these nutrient bars too - and energy drinks. Bring back smoking everywhere and let’s have pictures of cool 8 year olds having a drag on the packs. Just today some young people tried to wheedle me into signing for some couch to 5m thing - I said yeah to keep them off my back (all are in Macra) and then they said it was couch to 5k!!! Fcuk off I told them.


Pointing that out is victim-shaming.

A big part of the problem is you have huge numbers of people cycling now, which in itself is great, but haven’t cycled since they were kids, and still do the same stuff - run red lights, weave in and out of traffic, undertake etc. Cycling on paths is a prime example - ■■■■ off, you’re not 6. They don’t appreciate they are bona fide road users and fail to act like it but expect to be treated as such.


Did you mean tyring? Anyway who made you the anti-cycle spokesman?
Whatever you do, don’t go to Vietnam. Or will you be the fella saying how great they have it all sussed there but some extra people cycling here, no, can’t be doing with that.



No issue with cycling, it’s a great healthy way to travel, especially in a small city like ours where cars should be banned between the canals in favour of walking, cycling and public transport, it’s more an issue with the militant approach taken by a cohort who have suddenly hopped on the latest thing (and elevated it to the level of a civil rights issue) and insist - nay, demand - we accomodate them, immediately. And then shout down any criticisim using the language and logic of mollycoddled hormonal teenagers.


Fair enough Tommy, nó argument, but would you ever post about the constant ingrained militant etc attitude taken by alot of vehicle drivers to other people, especially those not in vehicles? Because its just seen as the norm and acceptable to the majority you don’t hear much about driver behaviours and attitudes other than major accidents and deaths.
So many things about towns and cities and even the country are ruined by vehicles and driver behaviours and attitudes. Many people won’t or can’t walk or cycle in many places due to how unpleasant and dangerous it is, yet the only thing bothering vehicle users are bolshy cyclists and traffic jams.
Let’s get this straight, most vehicle users are not constantly in fear of their own life and limb, and when they are it’s almost always because of other vehicles.


I have no issue with cycling. It’s cyclists that are the problem. The dual carriageway that has been built for them from Clontarf to Sutton, is almost bigger than the road. There is no room for buses to pull in. Madness.


NO issues with Cyclists either for the most part, but good god, drove the car down the Quays one day and nearly needed a valium afterwards because of them Dublin Bikes and the headbangers cycling them. Never again.


National poetry day.

Usually have little to say, even though it’s poetry day.
Right here on resdubs, like an unused Dub sub,
The mods will delete puns away.

It’s personal taste, the puns are laid waste.
Most think it’s funny, to constantly punny,
But the mods still delete them in haste.

Written in melancholy sadness like a true morbid poet