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Absolute nonsense. In countries where there is actual physical punishment for adults who commit crimes, the crime rates are nothing like ours. I’d put up links but you have Google. The brutality of prison in Ireland involves slopping out, watching telly and going to the gym.


Which countries?




I tried it but its not that clear. Ireland ranks lower than the US for example in terms of crime but the US would have harsher penalties but I’m not sure if its more underdeveloped countries you’re talking about.


Depends on your definition of development but yes! I haven’t time to look now but I know that in countries like Malaysia where physical punishment is used, often with prison, there are less violent crimes like what happened to that lady. I know it is desperately unpopular to even suggest it but physical punishment scares people and prison often doesn’t. There is no evidence anywhere on this planet to support the notion that prison succeeds. In fact, in the case of those two horrible bastards that raped and burnt the woman alive in Belfast recently, they met each other in prison.


That article is nearly 12 years old and he’s now sharing the same bar of soap as are feathered friend


I get where you’re coming from now. I wasn’t sure if you were referring to harsher prison sentences or actual physical punishment.
I would be in favour of chemical castration for example in the case of a number of sexually related crimes (particularly against children and premeditated rape cases)


No person who has committed murder or a sexual offence should, in my opinion, be considered for early release. Serious sex offenders, I would go further to say, should not be released until they have served their full sentence(s) and shown to have successfully completed psychological treatment and proven that they would not re-offend.


I leave this here. How does this happen? Not a get it of the chest rant just genuinely interest piqued how this much funding can be applied here to this case. This some sort of extreme case or something?


What the actual ■■■■. I’m working my bollox off and still living at home at 32 years of age and this little bollox is having everything handed to him. No doubt Zappone will come up with some justification for the fucker


I’ll add any lowlife that attack’s our emergency services should receive a mandatory 10 year prison sentence. I don’t care what age you are or how tough your upbringing was, it’s unacceptable


Easily explained.

The Children’s Rights Referendum.



Thoughts and prayers.


How TF are Ulster Bank still in business??

I wouldn’t send them to the shop for milk.


More twists in the Alfie Evans story. Doctors said he wouldnt survive longer than 3 mins off life support, it was turned off Monday night and the little fella has been breathing by himself ever since. Family fighting to get him to Italy for treatment now.


Well that’s it for me anyway. I’ve already told the job to start paying me into my BOI account and i’ll be swapping all my SOs and DDs over, over the next couple of days and cancelling my account


If only you knew the half of it…


This makes my blood boil :rage::rage:

Firstly, how is the original sentence only 18 months!!!
Secondly, I don’t care what his health is, if he dies in the cell so be it. It’s the least he deserves.
How about the health (mental or otherwise) of those poor girls…they got a life sentence.



There’s no further treatment. The hospital in Italy is associated with the Vatican and would simply keep him on life support. I would b gravely concerned about their reasons for getting involved. And keeping a child who can never recover on life support for who knows how long is arguably inhumane. It’s a horrible situation but the child should be let go with dignity.