Get It Off Your Chest


The kid has learned a valuable American lesson. If you are small and inconsequential you will be sh1t on all through life as those who pursue the dream walk all over you.


Hockeyed out of it…


Maybe just a puck…in the gob!


He’s getting some stick here anyway!


I wonder did the guy get grief of his Mrs for the criteria under which he chose to which son he’d give the first puck to? That second son must have an inferiority complex.


Ah lads, you’re on thin ice here…


The answer to that is ALWAYS yes, even if he’d been out on a soup run for the homeless.


Really don’t envy these lads and ladies The stuff that they have to put up with


Extremely tough job undoubtedly.

Similarly, I’ve a pal who used to do the doors.

He said in the old days lads would threaten you that they were gonna shoot you and you’d laugh it off.

When they start actually coming back with guns he knew it was time to find a different profession.


Anyone following this story?

Very tough read. What a heart breaking situation to be in.


Without over simplifying it, you have to admire the parents, while there’s even the faintest glimmer you’d fight for him, wouldn’t you?



Medical reports in court have said that the little lad has little or no brain tissue left due to the disease which would imply that to prolong it any further is hopeless.

I dont know what Id do in that situation, all I know is when I get out of work Im going to hug the be jaysis out of my own lad and be thankful its not me in that fathers shoes.


And then you have the same courts and legal system that won’t let people with debilitating illnesses die with dignity via euthanasia…

Where is the humanity in it all?


Wtf , remember her in Smallville.


Death Penalty would be simply to good for this ■■■■. But christ I’d love 5 minutes with the fucker.


Yeah. I’m not being emotive here. I’d use a blowtorch on him and my pulse wouldn’t change. As I said before, they need to reintroduce physical punishment for crimes like these. That poor lady. Jesus Christ Almighty. I hope they break broom handles in him in prison. Like Goodwill.

He subsequently got the broom special. Well deserved.


Yeh coz that really helps any of the people that matter. That’s not any of the people ranting about it who are simply attention-seeking, “it’s about me, what I want! I know what the victims really want, it’s what I want! Listen to me!!”. None of the brutality of prison or anywhere has stopped people like that guy doing what he did.
The fact that people get their kicks from more brutality excused as a moral retribution says more about why such brutality is not reducing, than all the guff about liberal laws used as shallow excuses by people to get their jollies off.


Goodwill hurting.


Delighted for him. Hope he never walks again. Or feeds himself. Or shits without the aid of a bag. The woman he attacked is suffering a life sentence. So should he.

(Apols Al, maybe I’ll mellow out when I’ve had more coffee, but I wouldn’t count on it.)

Love the more lenient sentence too, because yer man expressed remorse. Oh please. How many violent criminals go up before a judge & say "Jayzus, that was great craic altogether. I really, really hope I get to do THAT again ! "

Fuckin’ spare me ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


No don’t mellow out PD he will be well treated in prison and have excess to everything he needs while the victim will get diminished returns on her quality of life.