Get It Off Your Chest


What’s the story with these chemical attacks in Douma , some horrible stuff appearing on my twitter timeline .


**death penalty a conundrum for some possibly **


Before the 2014 World Cup (which Sweden didn’t qualify for) he said that it wouldn’t be the same without him. It was the best World Cup that I can recall. And now this, what a complete narcissistic tool. F**k off. I hope the Swedes don’t pick him. NEVER does it in a big game.


Amazing how people don’t see this in him . He’s treated as a “legend” because of it .


He makes Robbie Williams seem positively shy and retiring in comparison.

An absolute charlatan.


wasn’t a bad debut in MLS having said that …


Where can I sign up?


Like Bobby and Jack …


I expected Tim Burgess there tbh


hes the only one i know




just when you’re thinkin’ things over, more puns.


one to another


Anyone see this ? Pity the prick didn’t get a hiding off someone


They’re all kids ffs. He didn’t intercept, he just caught them and gave them to two other kids, maybe he didn’t notice her as she is much smaller.


If it was Trump’s young fella @GuyIncognito would be breaking his hole laughing!!


Yer man was pointing to her. The father of the other kids knew fucking well too


Fair enough so. Still, a hiding is a bit much!


Maybe not hiding but certainly a slap or two wouldn’t have gone a miss IMO


It’s coz she is a perfect little Ayrian blonde from an upstanding, law-abiding, fully employed middle class family. :wink: