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I think the protest was mostly about the nature - format of trials in the North


I think that it is about more than that. A very small percentage of rape cases end in conviction. Given recent revelations about harassment against women, it appears that many men are getting away with the rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment of women, in many jurisdictions. I am guessing that this is probably why the protesters are at the GPO.


Fair enough.


Muslims, is that what you’re saying???


Dogs at the cinema - we have reached and breached peak hipster.


Good news for the boxer office.


??? No clue what you are on about.


You’re sure??


If you read my post, yes I’m sure. I said ‘in different jurisdictions’. Turn on the RTE news!


Ha, just fucking with you.



I see. Oh.


Muslims? “I married ÍSIS on the fifth day of May…”
Bob Dylan is to blame for all this, no matter what Howard Jones said.




Which one?


I’d imagine it comes down to the lack of social housing which has been at the heart of the problem for years. The idea that the free market will supply rental properties for those that can’t afford to buy has been a cornerstone of recent governments policies, unfortunately the avarice of landlords has made renting as dear if not dearer than a mortgage in many areas, so the people who would traditionally availed of social housing, (even the way that phrase is used makes it sound worse than leprosy), are being squeezed out the bottom of the property market. or simply can’t get into decent rented properties on their wages.
I’m talking about people who are working away trying their best here, not those that are sitting with their hands out looking something for nothing as many of our politicians would like us to believe are the only ones that would ever require social housing. Thousands of people grew up on council or corporation housing estates, including many on here no doubt, and the vast majority turned out just fine, yet the constant suggestion from our ruling classes is that these estates are just criminal cesspits and a problem for us all, and they are saving us by not providing them at all.


It is Fine Gael policy to let the market be in charge. Fianna Fail didn’t build many social houses in recent times either. Neoliberalism at its finest.


A pensioner in England arrested for stabbing a thug who broke into his home to death…stuff like this really boils my blood.

The poor man should be given a medal.


We have a suitably-titled thread for this topic. There is one particular Mayo man who would be very popular on Res Dubs - Padraig Nally!


I’ve met the man in question…a hero but he never wanted any of that to happen. Still lives in fear the poor man.


That’s an awful pity.