Get It Off Your Chest


Can I presume, any “suing” he will be doing, will be in defence of his good name, and I’m sure this is on good legal advice. I don’t know what shocks me more, the legal brief who sold him the idea or the stupidity in following it. He was found not guilty, nothing more, nothing less is my understanding.


He’s been badly advised, far better off keeping a low profile for a while imo


#SueMePaddy trending on twitter



I don’t understand why homeless figures keep increasing. Banks haven’t suddenly started evicting people in their thousands. Progress is very slow but moving in the right direction. I’d like to see some analysis done on what exactly is causing this. It doesn’t add up - pardon the pun.



I was stuck in a rut til I read that.


As if on cue!


As a matter of interest, how do you come to that conclusion?


Quite possibly has more to do with rents getting out of control, Landlords increasing rents beyond their tenants affordability.


Well there is some building - which will take time to ratchet up - when there was absolutely none. LAs are also buying up properties which they weren’t.


The amount of fucking eejits thinking they can say what they like on social media (stuff that no newspaper or media website would publish for obvious reasons) because they don’t like the verdict of a trial is astounding.


Literally what is the point of this ? The trial was in another jurisdiction. Nothing to do with our legal system or DOJ whatsoever


This perhaps


That’s bollox. If they’re talking symbolism then it’s the British Embassy they could protest outside. (With due respect to our Northern members) The case was held in the UK system.


Coppinger may not be aware of all this.


People are pissed off with the outcome of the trial . They’re justing trying to vent . Could have had a march , etc .


I’ve no doubt that they are but it’s nothing to with our legal system. Anytime there’s been protests about legal issues in other countries( e.g China) the protests have been outside the Embassies of those countries not at the DOJ.


It’s just a symbol really . They could have had it anywhere . Thing is , it will throw huge attention on the next rape case to come up . Trying to be impartial may be difficult . Not joking or anything , but I think this might have the same kinda effect as the original OJ trial had on race relations .
I think certain types are looking for blood at this stage .


Mob mentality. And rather worrying. If you’re not willing to accept a jury’s verdict then what else are you prepared to deny?


I think we are nearing World According to Garp soon .