Get It Off Your Chest


Made reference to how he and thousand of others believe the girl and that, and can I make it quite clear that this is a direct quote, that the ‘smug, well connected, middle class boys win out again’.

What an eejit.


The cost incurred by the defendants was referenced a few times, they might go after him big-time.

I see a juror was answering questions in the comments section of an article on Broadsheet - WTF? - and is now in trouble.


Did one of them get legal aid? I think Stuart Olding? Anyway there will be a lot said about them so they could be suing a lot of people.


It could well be a tipping point in the way these cases are prosecuted. But it might also be a tipping point in what happens if the accused are found innocent but then attacked online after the fact


The Second Captains podcast on some of the issues brought up by the recent trial is very good.


They’ve made it available for free now…


I saw that, fair play to them. Interesting module that Richie Sadlier is doing in Benildus, I doubt many schools are that forward thinking.


Jeeze this Good Friday lark would bore ya to tears They really need to cop on. It’s 2018 and ridiculous to be not able to have a pint because of a religious thing that people don’t even believe in any more. And it’s crap on the tourists. They should cop on and open the pubs.


Disagree. We need one day in the year to make the statement that the almighty booze dollar isn’t everything.


What was a great day for a session will soon just be another working day, we should be careful what we wish for.


Do people.still get days off for this


You don’t…?




Missed the obvious rejoinder of ‘well barmen don’t anymore boom boom’.


Through college and part time jobs and my “proper” jobs have always worked it. Bar the time I took it off for my stags


You spoil those deer…


No problem once you’ve got the doe…


We need to buck up on our jokes here.


Jokes? You’ll soon be fawning over Harry!


Be careful what you say lads! This post will set destruct after 10 seconds. 9… 8…