Get It Off Your Chest


That’s why it should be 50/50, no exceptions.


I thought the judge was female.


Will need gender fluid judges going forward to keep oldschool happy.


‘And today Michael, I will be…’.


You don know statistically male jurors are more likely to convict in rape cases ?

The witness who walked in meant this shouldn’t have to trial

Everything else was circumstantial and not enough to get a conviction


Read female judges comments about defendants and directions( or would you say orders) to the jury.

She is probably of the same background persuasion of Jackson and co.

Anyway lots of people would be of the same thinking as me . . . . . . . on twitter :no_mouth:

Farrell, lies , dam lies and statistics.

Anyway, i would usually refrain from commenting on such matters and don’t get me wrong, i am one of the lads etc who usually shrug me shoulders at a lot of scandal out there but i believe this is different to and is making me sick to my stomach.


Meanwhile in the banana republic the privileged shitebag himself declares a national emergency on the housing crisis.




Were you being facletious?


That’s Bollocks Alan. They were found not guilty. As were many guilty people in many jurisdictions all over this planet. Often having the money to field the best legal team will get one off. I would not necessarily believe every legal outcome. I would suggest that you don’t either.


And people say I’m an angry man.


Very good, though I had to read it a second time.


Angry is not the descriptive most commonly associated with you old bean…


You would think people would have the cop on not to be saying such things online.


That’s what you get for taking a seat in an institution you tried manfully to abolish.

Karma I think it’s called.


Karma indeed. A politician well able to talk out of both sides of his mouth.


Are they not all blessed with that art?


Lot of people deleting tweets and posts today I reckon.


Anyone know what the tweet said?

I would have thought Jackson would have been keeping his head down after the trail to give it time to blow over. Obviously has some costs to recoup


Saint Aodhan is so insufferably perfect, it had to happen some time. I have no idea what he said but he is overdue a dressing down. I hope he and his party toddle off to obscurity.