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Classy from the Lemon there.


Scored an early goal last Sunday to win promotion … has history … is history …




While I in no way condone the tone of the Laois lads comment, the comments of the 60 or so persons who felt the need to tweet clglaois account and express their anger are little better. Can you be hurt, angry or offended yet still be reasonable, understanding and possibly a little forgiving. While it has always been a trait for people to judge others to a higher standard than they themselves maintain, the internet seems to have really mobilised an unforgiving vicious nasty mob mentality. Just saying :flushed:


A very emotive subject. May I suggest that the mods be very careful what they let be posted here.

My opinion is an informed one, as I spoke to a Gard involved and have watched in close call the transcripts of the case itself.

The facts:

-The people involved will never have a life like they had before nor will they be happier than before.

-The lads denied they ever had intercourse with the girl. A lie. Their texts were disgusting. Vile.

-The young girl happened to tell different versions of the story to the PSNI, the doctor, the nurse and the counsellor. And told lies, or different versions of her story. Trauma can make small differences to a story, but not huge differences.

  • The witness who walked in the room, said it did not appear to be a struggle. In fact she mentioned the “enjoy” word. Who knows how the witness could come to this conclusion!?!? Was she a friend of the plaintiff?

The fact is, this is a sordid tale. I would burst these lads if they did this to my drunken daughter. But to call it rape? Not sure. And this hashtag #IbeleiveHer personally think that’s just inciting. I’m absolutely not saying that these lads behaved as gents, but the court of law must be respected and under a jury of her peers, they found them not guilty. I’m not a sexist. I’m not a male chauvinist pig (I hope) and I have a wife and daughter that I would die for.

For me, the biggest crime is that this even went to court in the first place. Again, I’m not belittling what this young girl went through. I think the CPS made a thundering ballix of this, and only followed through because of the personalities involved. Speculative I know, but a solid theory nonetheless!


she can be really enjoying it at one moment and then later decide enough is enough and if she says that to the guys and they dont stop it is rape.

there are different stories about the witness who came into the room as to if she was a friend or just some randomer at the party.

finally, it is possible and indeed has happened where a jury wouldnt think she is lying but at the same time conclude that the state has not proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt and return a not guilty verdict. In scotland they ahve a not proven verdict, which would be a good idea in NI/here.


agree fully with the bottom paragraph


On the player’s tweet, not a big fan of this thing where people immediately demand the relevant association/ employer/ sponsor etc condemn their actions.


Twitter is a cancer on society.


This is what amazes me . At least on a forum you have some sort of anonymity. But people posting on twitter from their own personal accounts spouting all sorts of horrible stuff with all the world , your friends , your family , etc seeing it . And they expect nothing to come of it , brainless .
And I especially hate that " these are my opinions , not those of my employers" . Like that makes them except .It’s still THEIR opinions.


Funny, I am a twitter user but mainly to follow people I am interested in, I find Dubmatchtracker an invaluable source of info as I travel a lot and his up to the minute scores updates are superb. Don’t follow wankers and your’e OK.


I’m not talking about me or you. I’m not on twitter and don’t follow anyone. I’m talking about it in general. Invariably a lot of newspapers articles now quite Twitter, comments on Twitter, reactions on twitter and so on. It is destroying normal discourse and debate. And rather worryingly says a whole lot about the society we live in.


Rochey, couldn’t agree more with your post. We were out for dinner last night with our 20 year old nephew for his birthday when the subject came up, as I’m sure it did at many dinner tables! He plays rugby, plays GAA too before yiz destroy me, and said in college there were snap chats going around of the girl flashing her bits that they had all seen. I’m not saying this proves anything, or makes what happened OK, but I do think that its possible that she was well up for it and immediately regretted it afterwards. The messages Rochey mentioned were horrible too, BUT, I would hate me to end up in court fr something and the cops go through my whatsapp messages in some of the groups I’m in!


So long as they don’t show them to the wife?


Sure she goes through them all the time anyway. Said its boredom but I know she just doesn’t trust me


Sure radio and TV have all sorts of ‘experts’ spouting sh1te on all and anything every day of the week and having Joe Public on or reading out texts of (stupid) opinions as if they are fact. It’s never ending. Nothing has to be validated any more. Not even me.


No its not.

It gives a voice to the voiceless outside of being told what to do, think, feel, by the mainstream media outlets.

A cancer on society would be upper-class privilege in all its forms being rampant in this country.

As for the rape case, Acquitted doesn’t mean not guilty, I believe they did it.

Rugger buggers silent.


Think you said you didn’t think much of Rickey Gervais so you may not have seen it, but he does a good piece about this exact thing in his Humanity show


Also this :joy:


Very possible that she was up for it but judging that based on what she wears or how she acts is what leads down the road of “she was asking for it”. It shouldn’t be up to the woman to moderate her behaviour (speaking in general terms here and not in relation to the case)

I think that the messages on the whatsapp should almost be treated in a similar manner to how she was acting leading up to the incident. They don’t prove or disprove anything about a rape. The closest seems to be a few comments from Harrison stating that she was in an awful state or something along those lines. They shouldn’t be judged in a criminal case on them.

What they are more a sign of is the lack of respect for women among men when they talk among themselves. It is a sign of culture creeping in where lads expect women to be up for anything and women (and more likely girls who are only 16/17 and unsure of what is normal) thinking it is an expectation to fulfill this new role