Get It Off Your Chest


Where did you read that from, @Nappertandy (thanks, by the way!)?

No Albanian numbers listed.


I think that’s the thing that gets me.

You’d be devastated if it was your daughter…and even more so now they were found innocent.

That girl will carry that around her like the mark of Cain.

On the other hand you can empathise with the parents of the accused.

I half hoped they’d be found guilty to send out a message…but maybe that’s because I’ve a daughter who I’m protective off.


A friend passed it on to me the other day.
This is one of the Albanian no. +355 68 685 4060.


That is the exact number that called me.


It’s dangerous too, holding these guys, or anybody, to be guilty of something merely because of anger at a wider injustice.

And movements such as hashtag etc have a tendency to become for some people a label or identity they can wear (for whatever reason, more often nothing to do with the original idea).

Those lads came across as total pricks. And you can see in their texts and expectations and actions this new porn-influenced mentality that is out there among younger people. Scary stuff, social media/ the net etc has fundamentally changed things.


The one that rang me this morning was an
Albanian number 00355 68 580 0677.

I obviously ignored it but have since had a rather irate call from Aunt Bessy in Tirana who was not pleased at my ignoring her. Herself and Albanian hubby Besnik have lived there since the 70s.


They were found innocent by a jury of their own peers. If we can’t accept the judicial decision then I don’t know where we go.


They weren’t found innocent of being horrible, misogynist, ill-bred, dishonourable bastards who treated a drunk girl like a piece of meat. As for the law, the law is at best, an imperfect system. It’s the best we have come up with but it’s open to errors etc.


So you don’t agree they are innocent? If the decision had been guilty you’d accept it? Do you feel the same about The two Munster lads who roasted a girl in a Dublin hotel?


The court says they are innocent of rape. I say there are grey areas. Consent can become non-consent but even at that, their attitude makes me puke. If she was a relative of yours, how would you feel. The girl who was with Murray and Zebo was all for it. Some girls are. She did not claim she was raped. Different situation.


So you are condoning the Munsters payers behaviour??? I’ll leave it there then. You have shown you colours.


I see the insinuations are going around now that they got off because there was 8 men and only 3 women on the jury. Ignoring the fact it was a unanimous verdict…(and had to to be)


Have a little read of this. Good man.


Is it not pretty clear cut in if a person does what they want to do and everyone is on board with it that there’s nothing to condone if everything was legal?

What is there to blame the munster players for?


I agree, my point was that iom was judging them as misogynistic etc and nothing to do with the trial, I cited the Munster men an like yourself he he see no wrong in it, would their behaviour not be similar in belittling women?


And your point being Gramps?


From what I remember but I could be wrong there wasn’t the same evidence re messages and the likes between them. Also the fact that the woman was a very willing participant where there was no suggestion of rape plays a part in how it is viewed versus a rape case. I’d agree that messages like that probably are sent on a weekly basis in numerous groups but it is the accusation of rape juxtaposed with the casual jokiness of it all that probably shocks most


How do we know the woman in the current case wasn’t as big of a prick as the accused were? Will we ever know that? Would it make a difference? Anyway we can be hypothetical, loads of vulnerable people end up being or feeling sexually violated in situations where they’re intoxicated. “Bad” or troublesomely disinhibited behaviour of all sorts always much more likely. All of that is allowed for and considered in a trial. And all of these people in this case will wear it as a mark, everyone who is ever with them will be judging them in some way. However in terms of advantage it’s likely these men will have more peer protection than that woman, given the culture they live in. If they remain in it. Though it’s possible they will be at least informally ostracised to some extent. She will get a lot of public sympathy and support. But overall anonymity would have been best, for her especially given the outcome. IMO


And there goes your inheritance you ungrateful fukcer.

That’ll teach you to ignore your phone.

Uncle Besnik.

Ps hope the dubs get stuffed.