Get It Off Your Chest


So if they weren’t convicted of rape , what is the actual verdict of the case ? She got pissed & it all just got out of hand ?
Doesn’t set a great president going forward :thinking:


I think Madigan would be called up if needed if with the whole reluctance to pick players playing outside of Ireland.

Jackson’s Ireland career is over. You have Carberry there now. Murray can take conversions/penalties as well.


Their rugby careers are over, which is the least they deserve. Their attitude is disgusting and it’s not untypical of spoilt rugby boys. She may have been drunk, naive, trophy-hunting etc but happened was clearly wrong.


As much as I cant stand the rugger and the attitudes of some players, which these lads clearly had, I think if they had of been convicted of rape for this it would have been wrong. I’m sorry, but you dont have a threesome against consent, yes there was a lot of drink involved and yes she may have regretted it big time and not something that she would normally do, but that doesn’t mean it was rape


she never said it was a consensual threesome? She said it was rape. It wasn’t painted as a case of consensual sex taken an extra step and lead to a threesome. It was painted as a very definitive rape with which a 3rd man became involved.

The defense disputed that. It is a case of who you choose to believe really


OK, I’ll be more blunt, she gave 2 lads bloweys. I find it hard to believe she was forced into that. It sure is a case of who you believe but I really think a conviction of rape would have been harsh. What happened was wrong, but not rape. IMO of course :wink:


Will she now pursue a civil case where the onus is on the defendants to prove their innocence?


Again that’s what happened if you believe the defense version of events. As was mentioned throughout the case rape victims can very often disengage from the situation so I don’t buy the fight or flight response as to a reason she couldn’t have been orally raped.


Series question, @Harper - and I am not trying to catch you out - and the question is purely hypothetical and I am not expecting you to answer, but just to consider… What if the woman in question was your sister? Or your daughter?

If any of these lads were my son, I’d be knocking lumps out of them, to be honest.


As I said, what happened was definitely wrong and I too would be knocking lumps out of them, but I dont think they deserved to go to jail for rape is all I’m saying. If it was my daughter, there wouldn’t have been a trial!



So basically anyone accused of rape should automatically be found guilty ?

Dangerous path these people are going down IMO. End of the day the prosecution made a bollox of it and the justice system was shown to work in this regard.


if the prosecution made a bollix of it does that mean that they didn’t manage to convict someone you believe to be guilty?


Hands up I may have badly worded this but I do think people need to be very careful when it comes to rape charges and trial given rape is one of the worst offences out there alongside murder. Where the recriminations are serious for either or both parties


other than your murder trial?


Possibly, but I reckon I could get my solicitor to reference the 1996 case of Carl Lee Hailey and I would get away with it


The most dangerous part in the whole trial is that people are so sure either way.

Unless you were in court for the entire 8 weeks I don’t know how you could make any sort of informed decision.

I followed the news snippets of this but you’re literally getting 5 minute summary’s every day of a full 8 week trial.

Even that march tomorrow for “I Believe Her” is nonsense. Well intentioned in the overall context but that hashtag is bullshit considering the majority using it know very little about the full evidence in the case.



I’d also hazard a guess that half the people tweeting #notmycaptain about Rory Best wouldn’t have known who Rory Best was the week before…


Interesting article from someone in the Rape Crisis Centre

Also points out that down here in a rape trail both sides are entitled to anonymity until the trial is over


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