Get It Off Your Chest


What a case.

Just heard the headline.

Must be awful for that girl’s parents regardless of what went on that night.

Always thought that if was a solicitor - my conscience would be better at prosecuting than defending. The thought of getting a guilty person off the hook.


It seems to me, crystal clear, that she was off her face drunk and was in no position to defend herself on the night, nor consent or not consent to what went on.


if they say they didnt do it, thats what you have to run with, although you do tell them how weighty the evidence may be against them, hint hint.


thats my view of it as well, but we only get media reports ther jury got over a month of testimony. we may not like some jury results, but it is the best system we have.


Has to be beyond reasonable doubt. Prosecution made a bollox of this IMO. At the start I was fairly sure it was a guaranteed guilty verdict but as the trial went on. Began to look shaky


jesus if thats the case were all fucked


The judge, in summarising, told the jury that just because the woman in question had some variances in her stories, that it didn’t mean she wasn’t telling the truth. To be honest, I think it is because she was so drunk and has poor recollection that they have gotten off.


very little actual evidence though so an easy enough case for the defence to cast doubt. The medical witness who discredited the rape kit findings probably did the most damage


What about the thought of convicting an innocent? It works both ways.


Rape is an extremely hard one to convict in these sort of cases where it happens in a bedroom


very much a he said/she said kind of case


Yep and with huge amounts of alcohol involved too.


Very surprised that squarehead was found not guilty of perverting the course of justice, that seemed liked a given.


there was nothing to pervert if there was no crime


If they found the other lads not guilty they could hardly find him guilty


Was he not attempting to cover up potential evidence?


Interesting that the IRFU holding back on letting the player commence playing until they complete their own review. Probably a formality and Jackson will be back playing but i wouldn’t think his reputation is particularly in tact regardless; I can’t see him play for Ireland again and his rugby/professional career will probably get affected indirectly despite the verdict.


He’s missed 3 six nations tournaments now. One through injury and two while this case has been hanging over him. At best he’s at least 4th choice now in the pecking order.

If Simon Zebo can’t get picked cause he’s now playing in France, rightly or wrongly I don’t see Jackson being recalled any time soon.


He would have played against the All Blacks in Chicago, as a sub, except that he just got arrested for questioning the week before. Carbery ended up being fast tracked.



But was more thinking if you strongly felt your client was guilty - but had to get them off.

A bit like the OJ case.

You’re less likely to know the person you’re prosecuting.