Get It Off Your Chest


Did you not say that masseur was Albanian?




What I don’t understand is how do they make money from it? Surely the telephone companies are the only ones making on this through the charges (hence why they haven’t shut these scams down).


It is one of the premium charge numbers you are calling back and they keep you on hold to make as much money out of you that they can. (phone company is billed and passed on to you!!)


So, I will probably get billed at some stage?


An albino Albanian? whats the odds on that…




Ah, gotcha. Scamming fooks.


I’ve seen the light.


Would get on to your phone provider and plead your case.


Last few days with ID network , hope they call


@beeko - seriously I just had a call from an Albanian number 00355 68 580 0677 … did you give here my fooking number!!!


I did, and I didn’t have to plead. Apparently, I am entitled to 100 International minutes and it looks like this isn’t a premium number.

I heard you deliver great pizza.


No salt … pepper only …


This is spreading only I’m in luck!!

I got an email from a Nigerian Prince who wants to transfer 1million nigerian dollars into my account…all I got to do is transfer £10k to claim it. What a stroke of luck!!

With those winnings I’ll be investing in the magic beans. The cun*s.


I have a Nigerian friend who was promised millions of Euro in a similar fashion by being told of his ancient relatives being former High Kings of Ireland.

The email to him was signed “Mr A Falcon”.


The rugger lads got off scott free…


once it had to be a unanimous verdict I think that was that for it. Reports that it was unanimously not guilty though are interesting


I know I’m anal on things…but the spelling and grammar in the emails are pidgin English.

Talking of which…a classic clip of a prankster


was on all counts.

when juries aquit, they usually do so quickly.

their attitudes in the whats app group, no matter the outcome of the trial, were a disgrace.