Get It Off Your Chest


I love that We Want Plates Twitter page .


Clery’s people walk as charges are dropped …


A massive surprise.


69 previous but still gets a suspended sentence :roll_eyes:


Ah but he cut his arms the poor thing, when he was breaking into the place. He deserves a break…


… to both legs?



God help the poor family


Spotted and winched up by Waterford CHC coast guard chopper. Another tour of duty with tragedy for those lads. God rest her.


What the fùck


Ah Jebus.

What is the world coming to?


Its end?


Very definitely.

If I’m ever drowning & see a would be rescuer approach I’ll tell them to f##k off & leave me be.

Wouldn’t want to leave myself open to a lawsuit.


Ah here, that is mental.


No words can describe that


That is horrific. She didn’t even get in the fooking water…
If she lost an arm trying to open the car door or whatever…but even then…

“loss of earnings and other matters.”…how in jaysus is she figuring that??




■■■■ sake , was she out of work traumatized by the event ?


What a fuckin horrible excuse for a human being

I hope she loses her bolix and the scumbag solicitor working for her is treated as a pariah by the locals too for the rest of their days




Lads, just a heads-up… I had a missed call on my mobile yesterday evening… I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses so I dialled the number back. When it was answered a foreign accent on pre-record was saying “Waiting to connect to your …” and I couldn’t make out the last word. The trouble is, I thought the number began with +35386 (as in an Irish mobile number) but it actually began with +35568 (as I said, I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses) - an Albanian number. I’m not sure if this is a scam but why else would I be receiving a call from an Albanian number? Anyway, I’ve checked my Vodafone PAYG account online for the balance and also checked my PAYG balance by text message. I haven’t been charged (yet) for redialling - but just a heads up. Always check the number twice before redialling.